Congratulations to Taeja, who took home his first MLG victory by defeating Alicia 4-2 in a tense yet dominant Final match! Taeja will go home with the title and $10,000 for his efforts. His victory capped off an incredible weekend of StarCraft II here in NYC.

Here are our Top 8 finishers, and the Top 16 players who will receive all-expenses paid trips to compete in the Summer Championship in Raleigh on August 24-26.

1st Place – $10,000 – Taeja
2nd Place – $6,000 – Alicia
3rd/4th Place – $2,900 each – First, Oz
5th/6th Place – $1,400 – Stephano, Losira
7th/8th Place – $900 each -  Alive, Hero

9th-12th PlaceGanzi, Violet, Ryung, Daisy
13th-16th Place- Puma, Rain, Goody, Revival

If you have a Summer Arena HD pass, you can use the DVR right in the player and rewind to any of this weekend's matches in ad-free HD! If you didn't buy one during the Arena, you can still get one now; just head to the live page and select High or Ultra quality in the player and you'll be prompted to buy.

Arena VOD will be released on on Tuesday, July 24.