Congratulations to zNightmare for becoming the BIC Flex4 FFA Champion of D.C.! The final round proved to be quite an exciting match that came down to the last few seconds. Early on in the game, zNightmare broke away from the pack. However, Suddoth 2 was hot on his trail and remained within a few kills of him the entire match. In the last minute, the two were within one kill of one another and right at the ten second mark, it became tied at 67 kills apiece.

With a clutch play in the final minute, zNightmare became the D.C. BIC Flex4 FFA.

ZNightmare clutched it up and got a triple kill that included killing Suddoth 2 for the third kill and ultimately the win. For his accomplishment, he has won a BIC Elite Jersey and a trip to the MLG National Championship in just three weeks. He will compete in Dallas against the other FFA Challenge winners for a shot at $2,500. Congratulations once again to zNightmare!