Upsets were absent in Losers Bracket Round 4 of the Championship Bracket for Halo 2. XiT Woundz, Str8 Rippin, Perfect Storm, and Nice Like Rice all advanced to the Top 8.

Perfect Storm knocked out Legendz

XiT Woundz and Str8 Rippin swept their matches, against Type-Z and Time to Prove, respectively. Perfect Storm had to work overtime in Game 1 and then lost Game 2 against Legendz. PS then took the next two games to win 3-1. Nice Like Rice split the first two games with PainX before taking the final two engagements to advance 3-1.

XiT Woundz will meet Nice Like Rice and Perfect Storm will tussle with Str8 Rippin in Losers Bracket Round 5.