In Winners Bracket Round 4 of Dallas’ Open Bracket, Smiley and Xena took one step further in their quest to become the first female gamers to reach the Championship Bracket. By reaching this point, Xena and Smiley have already become the most successful girl gamers in the history of Halo 2 on the Pro Circuit. Advancing into Winners Bracket Round 5, Genuwin now stand just one victory away from the Championship Bracket. Moreover, the fact that they are in the Winners Bracket means the team can afford one loss and still advance with a victory in Losers Bracket Round 7.

Xena, Smiley and Genuwin are one win from the Championship Bracket

For their fourth-round Winners Bracket match, Genuwin took on oYe. The match kicked off on Warlock TS, where Snake served as the team’s foundation by locking down the portals. As always, the action was frantic, with several lead changes and a close score throughout. Ultimately, oYe seized a late advantage, taking the game 50 – 48 and putting Genuwin’s backs against the wall early.

The next game, Warlock Flag, took a startlingly slower pace. Neither team pushed deep into the other team’s half, as players opted to hit long-range shots and push for control of the pink tower before advancing forward. Genuwin gradually earned map control and patiently waited for their opportunity to strike. The tactic worked, as the squad managed a successful flag run five minutes into the game thanks to Smiley’s running riot. Minutes later, oYe looked to level the tally, but were thwarted by a heroic and coordinated effort from Smiley and Snake.

The score stood at 1 – 0 for seven minutes, as Genuwin made sure not to overextend themselves in their effort to increase their lead. With three minutes remaining in regulation, Xena made a flag run to double the squad’s margin. While oYe would draw one back with 60 seconds remaining, it ultimately proved to be too little, too late. Xena and Smiley led the squad, with respective 22 – 16 and 31 – 24 performances.

Genuwin have made Xena and Smiley the most successful female gamers in Halo 2′s stay on the Pro Circuit

Tied at one game each, the action moved to Beaver Creek TS. Genuwin opened to a slow start, dropping down to a 7 – 1 deficit. From blue base, the team managed to take the advantage, as Snake’s multiple runs with the overshield put the team ahead 21 – 14. However, their lack of map control proved costly, as oYe battled back to tie the score at 22. In the process, Genuwin craftily pushed through oYe’s formation to take the red base. From there, Snake and Drummer stepped up their efforts, ultimately tallying 20 – 15 and 21 – 16 performances.

Stay tuned as Genuwin battles for a spot in the Championship Bracket!

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