Who says MC can’t wear a dress? Bah! While she is the minority, she can still definitely kick your ass. One of my fondest memories is of Anakin and I attempting to take on JMB and Xena in a 2v2 at MLG Dallas 2004. It wasn’t like they just beat us. They DESTROYED us. Xena is just plain vicious when she picks up that stick, so if you find yourself across TV’s from her at an MLG event this season, pray. Pray fast. Thanks for Tsquared for the submission. We would love to see more submissions like these hit our desk.

Tsquared: Ok so Bonnie how did you come about choosing the name
Xena for your GamerTag?

Xena Well, way back in the day I use to be known at “Baby
Bon.” After I started competing, this name didn’t sit to well and I
wanted another name. My brother and my mom both suggested Xena: The
Warrior Princess. It sounded sweet and I ended up sticking with it. :-)

Tsquared: Ha cool cool, You have 2 brothers (JMB and Burton4)
and a close friend (Grasshopper) who are signed professional gamers,
what is it like competing against them in a National Tournament?

Xena Sometimes we are on the same team and that is pretty
tight, other times we aren’t and we don’t have to face off against each
other. If we do, then we know that there is no room for mercy is this
cruel world – even for siblings.

Tsquared: Ya I’ve felt the wraith of Xena before…Do you ever
feel like people underestimate you because you’re a girl?

Xena Most definitely. In the beginning, people didn’t know
who I was and could be pretty rude, but now more chicks are getting
into gaming and the Female Gamers are growing and I think we are all
gaining more respect. Even though occasionally guys like to hit on you,

Tsquared: Haha now besides me, do you receive any fan or love
emails and messages. Also what are some of the comments you get on Xbox
Live and at Tournaments.

Xena Oh yes, tons of love emails, but those fans will
remain nameless. ;-) On Xbox Live, I get all different reactions.
Sometimes people end up calling me a slut after I ruff them up a bit and others
congratulate me and proceed to ask me my age… At tournaments, it is
pretty cool. Sometimes I will have a large crowd sitting behind me
watching my game. Even though it is nerve racking it is very cool to see
how interested some people think I am.

Tsquared: Jeez that’s pretty harsh. I noticed you have been
playing Halo 2 a lot, how do you think that your going to place in the
2005 MLG season, and do you have any team plans?

Xena I’m not quite sure yet. I’m hoping I can team up with
either the Frag Dolls or some chicks from the PMS Clan. It would be
really great to actually team with some girls for once! I’m just looking
to have a lot of fun hanging around this season. :P

Tsquared: All girls team HOLLA! =-O So why do you play? Is it
the satisfaction of seeing the boys faces when you destroy them?

Xena I play because it is simply entertaining and awesome.
I mean, who WOULDN’T want to travel all over the USA and play video
games? C’mon now! Roughing up guys is just an extra bonus.

Tsquared: I love it that’s why I’m right there with you ;-) How
do you feel about MLG and professional gaming?

Xena I have a feeling your right here with me for another
reason, but we won’t get into that. haha…MLG is awesome, an
organization devoted to making gaming into a real sport – How can you not love
them?! Plus, they have already been featured on tons of National TV
Channels and Magazines. It’s bonmazing how fast they are growing!

Tsquared: (off the record stop flirting with me bonnie i cant
concentrate >:o)

Xena hahah…Flirting? Who’s flirting? O:-)
Tsquared: How did you feel at the New York City championship
not knowing if you were ever going to see some of the people ever again?

Xena Depressed, actually. I was use to going to a
tournament every month or so and seeing those guys there. It would be pretty
sad if I didn’t get to see them again, but now that I am going to see
those faces of horror after I defeat them – I’m pleased. ;-)

Tsquared: Ya, I miss going to Halo 1 tournaments also. How do
you think Halo 2 compares to 1st game?

Xena Well, It doesn’t. You can’t compare them because they
are 2 totally different games. If you look at Halo 2 as a separate game,
then it isn’t too bad, but I don’t think it deserves to have the title of
the sequel to one of God’s greatest created games. :-

Tsquared: Ya I feel you, but its still the 2nd best game out
there. What are some of your goals for the upcoming 2005 MLG season? Do
you have any predictions for the upcoming Kickoff Classic in D.C

Xena For this season, I’m just hoping to do decent. I’m
not sure what the competition is like just yet. One thing is for sure, I
can’t let those other girl gamers down! I’m predicting that StK will
dominate like always – Who can be hawtter than the ogre twins anyway?

Tsquared: Me and Sergio of course ;-) Ok last question- If you
were to pick the perfect boyfriend would it be someone who is better in
halo then you, worse, or one who doesn’t play at all?

Xena The perfect boyfriend…..It wouldn’t matter if he was
better, worse, or didn’t play b/c he would be perfect just as he was,
obviously! ;-)

Tsquared: You could have just said Daddy T

Xena Haha, Daddy T is to full of himself for me.

Tsquared: ouch :-( ahah thanks for your time Xena good luck on Xbox Live
and in the 2005 MLG Season.

Xena haha I’m jk. Thanks T2 and Congratulations on your professional interviewing. ;-)