That exactly what Team Xbox asked Andre Vrignaud from the Xbox Live Technical team. To be honest, I think most sites do a very poor job at getting the information that I want to hear. I don't mean the information they can't tell, but at least give me the technical details you can give me. "I don't care what the guy eats for breakfast, give me the goods!!!" Well, Team Xbox did a fairly good job on this one. Favorite Question and Response: "Team Xbox: Halo was a system seller. The sequel, because of its Xbox Live capabilities, will be both a system and a (Xbox Live) service seller. How are you preparing for Halo 2"Andre Vrignaud: Over the past year we went and talked with our partners on what features they wanted to see in Xbox Live for their games – and obviously, Bungie was one of the groups we spoke with. We took their feedback into account when building out the most recent Xbox Live feature update, and now that it's available Bungie has been digging into the toolbox. Digging deep, I might add – I can't share details, but I can say that Halo 2's Xbox Live support is going to blow a lot of people away. There are some amazingly original concepts that will simply redefine the Xbox Live experience!" You can catch the whole interview which goes into the new EA XBL situation, how Microsoft has changed their tune on allowing offsite servers with LSP, and what exactly is possible with XNA and PC's over at Team Xbox. Thanks to for the heads up!