Ahh, yes, another weekend down. I hope you all had a fun weekend and got a lot of Smashing and “The Duece” action on with your friends. If you didn’t, well, maybe you should read BlanK’s new article above and find out how to get more gaming in without losing those essentials, like… your Job. Either way, here is what went down while you were visiting your Grandma for your Family Christmas:

  • B.net put up their “Weekly What’s Update” and addressed several issues such as cheating on XBL. Cheaters beware!
  • HBO mentioned a Field of View Hack for Halo 2. Obviously you can’t use it on Live, but its pretty spiff fo sho. (HBO)
  • The Junkyard Posted their review of Halo 2. Some pretty interesting critiques in there. Sorry, no pistol begging…
  • Mr. Jukes put up some pretty sweet vids on different jumping locations in various Halo 2 maps. Definitely worth watching.(HBO)
  • Getintothegame.com is giving away a Life size replica of MC. I have seen one of these in person. They are Hella-sweet. (Yes, I said “Hella”) (HBO)
  • isamrad.com has updated their Excel 2003 RSS Grabber. Looks awesome. Still need Excel 2003 for it to work. (HBO)
  • BOLL over at HBO has taken some shots from underneath the Assault Bomb and found a few eggs. Pretty funny stuff.(HBO)
  • The only text I see on this site is PSP. That’s because its coming out in Japan right now. Lucky bastards.