Halo Weekly Update at RvB

Halo 2 Muzak over at

Gamespot has a nice writeup on the Sony PSP Pricing It looks like it will retail for under $200 in the US next year. HOT.

Gamespot also reported that Halo2 will have No LAN or online co-op. Depressing.

BOLL over at HBO has from the website.

SpikeTV has announced showtimes for its “The Ultimate Gamer” Show. (Should be interesting to see Sundance drinking Mountain Dew and eating Cheetos for 30 minutes.)

HomeFront, a Halo mod for Battlefield Vietnam, has been released. All-in-all a pretty nice looking mod.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory to be the best looking console game ever? Check out Worth Playing’s Q&A Session with Ubi.