Well, here we are on December 3, 2004 when we are scheduled to launch our new website, new content, and have a ton of good news for you. Well, we have new content, some really good news about our events for next year (uh, quarter of a million sounds pretty sweet to me), and we have a new website. Well, most of one. As you run around you will find stuff that is still being tweaked and perfected for our “official” Monday release. So take it easy, post in the forums, and enjoy your weekend.

We really wanted to get this news to you as soon as we knew it was solid to reward those of you who visit us daily. So, aside from the bugs, here is what you will find new and improved this season on MLGpro.com:

New writing staff – We have brought in three writers that will be making a ton of badass content, such as articles, reviews, interviews, and other feature articles. These articles (you’re reading one now) are located at the top of the home page and will be changing very often. So if you don’t watch it, you could miss them easily

Bungie.net/MLGpro.com Stats – At the top you will find a flash movie that currently displays my stats. Yea, yea, I know yours are better. Pwning Hotshy isn’t what I do best. So, how do you get your stats up there? Well, you can’t right now, but if God is good, you will by Monday. Whenever you login you will be able to view your XBL Halo2 Stats. Not a Halo Player? That’s cool too. I will have some other stuff up there if you do not register your XBL gamertag with us. (You can do that by clicking “My Account” on the main menu to your left).

Coming in January is our brand new registration/bracketing system being developed by Sillybean. From now on you will be able to track gamers live during events, and go back and view how an event unfolded down to the game. MLG points will also be tallied on the fly.

Video on Demand – Because there is only a month left in the year, we are pulling down the VoD registration. If you are a member you will be able to download/watch movies until midnight of December 31, but you can no longer register for this season. Right now Synide and I are working on the VoD conversion so the movies are offline for a couple of days and should be back early next week.

New Forum – We thought a lot about how we would break down the Forum for the season. After talking to many of the players we decided that condensing the forums down to a smaller number was a good thing. There is also a return of an old favorite, the “S**t Talk Forum” that was so popular at halo50k. I will do my best to have the old forum archived within the next month or so, but definitely no promises until our events system is up.

That about sums it up. Of course you can send any/all feedback to dolbex@mlgpro.com. Good luck to everyone this season, and I look forward to seeing you at the events!