The Online Qualifier to determine the four teams who will play in the Finals live at MLG Providence is complete! There was so much interest in the tournament that we ended up increasing the number of open spots from 8 to 24, and the competition that resulted was fierce. After a marathon of top-level play, the following four teams have made it through:

1.      EPIK
2.      Team SoloMid
3.      Dignitas
4.      RFLXGaming*

These four teams will be flown to Providence to compete live on stream for their share of the $30,000 prize pool. Congratulations to our winners!

Here are the finishes for the rest of the participating teams:

5th-8th Place (will receive $500 per team and 2000 RP per player)

5.      CLG (Ineligible for prizing*)
6.      Top Tricky
7.      Goose
8.      Team Curse

9th- 16th Place (will receive 1300 RP per player)

9.      PhoReal
10.   Bro Fist Gaming
11.   uMb
12.   Leaguecraft Gaming
13.   Team Split Push
14.   Battlebots
15.   Misery Loves Company
16.   vVv-Gaming

We will be streaming matches live on the Saturday and Sunday of MLG Providence.  We've got two of the game's best casters, Rivington (Rivington Bruce Bisland III) and Phreak (David James Turley), and they'll be providing commentary on all streamed games. With those casters, and these teams, and this game, it’s going to be a competition that you do not want to miss.

*CLG won their Top 4 placement match against RFLXGaming. However, during this match, CLG elected to use Lapaka, from AbsoluteLegends, in the place of CLG Lilac. AL Lapaka was registered as the team leader for AbsoluteLegends, another team in the tournament, and played in the AL vs TSM match. As CLG made the decision to illegally substitute him into their active roster in the match against RFLXGaming, CLG have been disqualified from the Tournament and MLG has advanced RFLXGaming into the Top 4.

As a result of the disqualification, CLG are not eligible for the prizing that comes along with their 5th Place finish. Additionally, the players involved in the match in question (AL Lapaka, CLG Lilac, CLG Hotshotgg, CLG Bigfatlp, CLG Chauster, and CLG Saintvicious) are ineligible for the MLG Providence 2011 competition.