WCS America Season 1 – Regional Finals


StarCraft II WCS America Season 1 operated by Major League Gaming will culminate with the Regional Finals broadcast LIVE from the MLG Studio in New York City on June 1 and 2.  The broadcast will be cast by Axslav, Axeltoss, Mr. Bitter, and Rotterdam and will kick off Saturday, June 1 at 1pm ET online.

StarCraft II fans around the globe can tune in to watch the competition live at http://www.twitch.tv/wcs_america.

The complete broadcast schedule is available at www.majorleaguegaming.com/schedule and listed below.

Fans should also follow MLG via social media for behind the scenes photos, giveaways and more.


Qualified Players:


Broadcast Schedule:

Saturday, June 1
1:00 PM Quarterfinal A- Best of 5
2:00 PM Quarterfinal B – Best of 5
3:30 PM Quarterfinal C – Best of 5
5:00 PM Quarterfinal D – Best of 5
6:30 PM Consolation 1A – Best of 5
8:00 PM Consolation 1B – Best of 5
Sunday, June 2
1:00 PM Consolation Final – Best of 5
2:00 PM Semifinal A – Best of 5
3:30 PM Semifinal B – Best of 5
5:00 PM Final – Best of 7