As you know, the World Cyber Games is taking place with quite a few of our friends participating in the “custom” goodness. has posted a news story about the event and interviewed Proxa as he boarded a plane for San Fran.

(As a side note, I just want to state my opinion the whole “nerd” factor of Halo. First, yes, I understand I am a nerd. In fact, I embrase it. However, something about the way the media lends itself to explaining a game to the general public, it sounds so nerdy. As I read it, I just hear the shreek of some dude with a retainer spitting on his controller as he defeats “Zergorf, the space invader”. Ugh. Just as an example, here is how CNN does it:

“In Halo, aliens known as the Covenant try to wipe out the Earth’s interstellar empire. The player and his teammates become marooned on the ring-world Halo and engage in guerrilla warfare against the Covenant.”


Thanks to HBO for the heads up!