Contrary to the blowouts we saw last night in Winners Bracket Round 2, Round 3 was full of close calls and upsets.

Winners Bracket Round 3 Gametypes:
Game 1: The Pit Team Slayer
Game 2: Construct King of the Hill
Game 3: Guardian Team Slayer

Round 3 brought us a unique circumstance; A record setting, 6 game series in the Open Bracket. A truly epic series between two relatively unknown teams presented one of the most exciting series’ in the round. Red Cell squared off against The Take Over. Few expected such an intense series. The series began with two ties on The Pit Team Slayer. The first game ended with each team tied at 49 each, the second had them both at 40. Both teams were feeling the butterflies as game 3 began, finally awarding the first win of the series to Red Cell, 50-44. After 3 games, Red Cell lost their advantage as Construct King went to The Take Over, 250-173. Knotted up at a game a piece, another tie ensued on Guardian TS leaving the crowd that had gathered wanting more. It took an epic Game 6 to decide this series, a series that had long outlasted any other Round 3 match ups. Game 6 was no exception to the rest of the series, as the game was not decided until the closing seconds. Red Cell possessed a one kill advantage, 23-22, with 15 seconds on the clock. A member of The Take Over managed to grab a freshly spawned camo and sneak over to green, assassinating a Red Cell player and tying the Game. Would we perhaps see a seventh game? With 5 seconds remaining, all three remaining alive players from Red Cell jumped elbow and were able to kill the camo’d Take Over member, finally ending the series.

Zone 6 continued to flex their muscles as they rolled through their opponent, It’s About That Time. In the first match, Pit Team Slayer, Zone 6 pulled of a solid win, taking the game 50-37. Legend JRG came through with a nice performance, knocking down 16 kills to only seven deaths. Schism also played very well, and seemed to be involved in almost every kill. His stats reflected this, as he finished 8-16-8. The team as a whole netted 40 assists on 50 kills. Zone 6 went on to win Construct KOTH, and complete the sweep.

DTPwn, a team featuring prominent Halo 2 players Scrub, Killen, Gexny, and Primo, found themselves struggling against the 134th seed, NWR. Late in Game 1, NWR held a 40-37 lead and seemed to have control of the match. It was at this time that Gexny managed to sneak behind them, idling into their mauler spawn, waiting for a chance to strike. Through excellent coordination, DTPwn attacked from several angles at once, and catches NWR completely off guard. Soon after, both teams were back on their respective sides, tied at 47. Through a solid push down past the overshield spawn, Primo was able to get on top of NWR’s sniper tower. In an intense showdown, he and his opponent traded kills, evening up the game at 48. Using this distraction, the rest of DTPwn scurried in through sword room, and managed to clean up two kills for the win. Scrub took a real prominent leader role late in the game, managing to rally his teammates in times where it was necessary. A very clutch performance by Gexny, finishing 14-12-and 9.

In Game 2 of the series, Construct KOTH, DTPwn was a completely different team. They got off to a terrible start, trailing 120-18 only a few minutes in. They went on to lose the game, in an uninspired effort, causing the series to turn to a tie breaking third game. In Game 3, DTPwn continued their downward spiral. Their teamwork was lacking, and they managed to let several easy kills escape, simply from lack of communication. The lack of a coach may have hurt their teamwork. NWR, led by lessgrain’s +9 performance took Game 3 50-37, sending DTPwn to the Losers Bracket.

The tenth seeded Supremacy also found themselves in a surprising situation. In Game 1, they were blown out 50-30 by the talented Uprising team. Struggling to keep themselves from falling into the Losers Bracket, they played much better in Game 2. The game was tied at 230 points each, causing a panic by both teams. Bodies began to fly towards the bottom hill hoping to catch even a second. Both teams screamed call outs as they tried anything to catch an extra second. In the end, Uprising managed to kill all four of the Supremacy players, enabling them to wrap up the upset, 250-237.

The second seed, Florida Jackalopes, sporting Halo 1 legends Eleven and Mando, came out to a slow start in Winners Bracket Round 3. After losing Game 1 48-50 to their opponents, Foresight, the Jackalopes were able to refocus their efforts and step up their game the rest of the series. After trouncing Foresight 250-120 in the KOTH game, the same pumped up Jackalopes team reappeared in Game 3. They managed to set-up very well throughout the game and played a slow, reserved, play style, capitalizing on their patience and experience. Even when they lost control at Sniper Tower after a timely rush by Foresight, the Jackalopes were able to set-up at their new spawn point just as effectively. By covering angles all over the map, setting up a slew of team BR kills, Jackalopes ended the series by crushing Foresight, 50-29. Eleven and Mando absolutely destroyed in the final game of the series, combining to rack up 31 kills to only 9 deaths.

As you can see, the action is extremely intense here in San Diego so far. The Open Bracket is providing some excellent matches for fans to watch and we intend to keep you up to date throughout the entire tournament. Keep it locked on MLGPRO as MLG San Diego keeps on rolling.