Winners Bracket Round 2 of the Open Bracket has begun. In the first heat, a few big names teams went big. The second overall seed, Florida Jackalopes, plowed through their opponents in the first round. They easily took Narrows TS with a final score of 50-28 in their favor. Controlling top middle proved to be the key to the win, as well as superior teamwork. In the second game, the Jackalopes did not let up, trouncing their opponents 250-76 in The Pit KOTH. Fat Bubb absolutely destroyed, racking up 28 kills to only seven deaths. Drummer also played well, finishing with 21 kills and 10 deaths.

The fourth seed, Zone 6, also won in a dominating fashion. Zone 6 took the Team Slayer match very quickly, 50-26. The second game was no different, as they held their opponent to only 66 points in the King of the Hill match.

Supremacy, the tenth seed, continued the domination trend in the first heat of the second round. During the King of the Hill game the entire team netted positive kill to death ratios on the way to a 250-66 win.

These teams all move on to Winners Bracket Round 3, which will pick back up tomorrow morning.