This Friday, August 10 from 4pm ET to 12am ET, will host the Summer Fighter Arena. The Top 8 Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V players from the MLG Spring Championship will go head-to-head for $3,400 in each game! Join us live for a full eight hours of intense fighting games action. The broadcast will feature two streams: the gameplay stream and the Dr Pepper Ultimate Access stream, showcasing behind-the-scenes coverage and interviews all weekend long. The standard definition broadcast of both streams is free. Upgrade to HD to get both streams in up to 720p and near-instant access to VOD!

Best Plays of MLG Mortal Kombat


Mortal Kombat:

Pool A Pool B
(1) – DJT1993 (2) – KT-Smith
(4) – Pig of the Hut (3) – EGPTyrant
(5) – GGA_Dizzy (6) – GGA16Bit
(8) – riu48 (7) – REO

Please note: PerfectLegend, DetroitBalln and CDjr were invited to the event but unfortunately cannot attend.

Soul Calibur V:

Pool A   Pool B
(1) – Keev_ (2) – Kayane
(4) – rtd_atl (3) – LostProvidence
(5) – Something-Unique (6) – _Hawkeye
(8) – Kinetic_Clash (7) – Linkrkc


The event will be hosted by Juicebox, with Tom Brady providing the main casting for Mortal Kombat, and Bibulus for Soul Calibur V. Gootecks will be your host on the Dr Pepper Ultimate Access stream.

Best Plays of MLG Soul Calibur V

Schedule for Friday, August 10 (all times ET)

Soul Calibur V

Pool Play:
4:00 PM Keev vs Rtd Atl
4:15 PM SomethingUnique vs Kinetic Clash
4:30 PM Kayane vs LostProvidence
4:45 PM Hawkeye vs Linkrkc
5:00 PM Keev vs SomethingUnique
5:15 PM Rtd Atl vs Kinetic Clash
5:30 PM Kayane vs Hawkeye
5:45 PM LostProvidence vs Linkrkc
6:00 PM Keev vs Kinetic Clash
6:15 PM SomethingUnique vs RtdAtl
6:30 PM Kayane vs Linkrkc
6:45 PM LostProvidence vs Hawkeye
7:00 PM Semifinal A
7:15 PM Semifinal B
7:30 PM Final

Mortal Kombat

Pool Play:
8:00 PM DJT1993 vs Pig of the Hut
8:15 PM GGA Dizzy vs Riu48
8:30 PM Perfect Legend vs EGPTyrant
8:45 PM GGA16bit vs Reo
9:00 PM DJT1993 vs GGA Dizzy
9:15 PM Pig of the Hut vs Riu48
9:30 PM Perfect Legend vs GGA 16bit
9:45 PM EGPTyrant vs Reo
10:00 PM DJT1993 vs Riu48
10:15 PM GGA Dizzy vs Pig of the Hut
10:30 PM Perfect Legend vs Reo
10:45 PM EGPTyrant vs GGA16bit
11:00 PM Semifinal A
11:15 PM Semifinal B
11:30 PM Final

Watch in HD

The gameplay stream and Dr Pepper Ultimate Access stream will both be free in standard definition. But if you really want to see every minute in ad-free, crystal-clear 1080p, and get near instant access to the VOD, an HD Pass is the way to go.

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Check out’s full preview of Summer Arena Mortal Kombat so you know exactly what to watch for, and tune in to this Friday for eight straight hours of the best MLG fighting games!