By Walshy

Having just returned from NYC and one of the sickest LANs I’ve ever participated in, a post-Columbus blog is definitely in order!

To loop around on a couple things from my last blog, I want to let everyone know that my parents (who were dealing with health issues last I wrote) are both doing very well now. My dad recovered great, and ended up making it out to Columbus to see some of my matches. My mom’s surgery also went really well. She’s in great health and was able to attend a portion of Gamers for Giving a few weeks back. On another personal level, my dad and I have been golfing quite a bit lately. We’ve been going out almost every week. I’m horrible at it, but I’m having a lot of fun, and I eventually hope to get a birdie so I can bust out my Bird is the Word dance (that goes out to you, Ninja).

On another personal note, I’m still a book-reading machine. Since Columbus, I’ve been able to finish Farenheit 451, I Only Roast the Ones I Love, I am Number 4 and the Motorcycle Diaries. Aside from those, I have about 15 books waiting to be read.

As for Columbus, it was great getting back into competing again. I want to send out a sincere thanks to everyone who was at the autograph signing at the Sony Ericsson booth. It was really refreshing to read so much positive support. As for the competition itself – obviously I was disappointed with where we placed, but most importantly, like I said, it just felt good to compete again. I felt like I played very well individually, and I’m happy I was able to team with the guys that I competed with. They helped me get back into my game, and after Columbus, we all amicably decided it was best for me to move on and prepare a new squad for Anaheim.

Currently codenamed “Kiaeneto,” I’ll be going into Anaheim with Ninja, Mikwen and Bestman. Both Ninja and Mikwen had left their teams around the same time I left Ambush. We were three of the top free agents available for play, and we really wanted to team together. Similarly, as we decided to partner up, Bestman became a free agent and was immediately one of the players we became interested in picking up. The night we first formed, we ran games and everything fell into place. We’ve been gaming since.

We recently had the chance to participate in the Red Bull LAN out in NYC, and overall, I thought we did phenomenally against the competition we had, considering it was our first LAN. I don’t think we could’ve asked for much more at this point and I’m happy with how we performed. We’ll continue gaming hard until Anaheim!

While I was there, I also celebrated my 27th birthday, compliments of Red Bull. It was honestly incredible. It was great having a few fans come out and to celebrate with my friends. We had unlimited Dave and Busters game cards and we got to eat tons of food, dig into a Master Chief cake and game all night. It was awesome. Jo Garcia (aka @GamerNextDoor) also stopped by to help me celebrate ;)

Hope to see you in Anaheim, and please swing by the Sony Ericsson booth to say hello! I’ll be doing another autograph session there. I’d encourage everyone able to make it to leave your gamer tag so I can try to catch some games with you after the Event.

Walshy out!