Moments ago, it was confirmed by MLG’s commissioner John Nelson that Walshy has officially been added to Instinct’s roster. In addition to this move, Victory X was released by Instinct. KGB Soviet was immediately acquired to take his place on the team. Victory X was then added to Classic’s roster, where he will take the place of Naded, who was released earlier this week.

Instinct marks only the second team Walshy has been a part of since 2004, as well as the second set of twins (Roy and Lunchbox) he has teamed with in his career. KGB Soviet, 2007’s Free for All National Champion, has struggled to find a team to call home so far this season, but hopes that Instinct will finally allow him to attain his goals. Meanwhile, Victory X, who has now made his third team change of the year, will be looking to boost Classic back into an event Finals.

With these transactions now behind us, we have a much sharper image of what to expect at MLG Toronto. Nearly every Top 8 team has undergone a major roster change in the time since MLG Orlando, and it will certainly be interesting to see how these transactions play out in Toronto. Former teammates will undoubtedly be pitted against one another, and the passion-fueled gameplay that follows should be something to remember. Make sure to tune in August 22-24 as we finally get to see these all of the recent team changes in action at MLG Toronto!

MLG Player Transactions