Violet forfeits WCS America Premier League Ro16 Matches

Match Ups Revised for Thursday, May 23


WCS America Premier League Ro16 is currently underway. Unfortunately, viOLet was unable to secure a visa in order to travel to the US to compete this Thursday, May 23 and is forfeiting his Premier League Ro16 Group D Matches.

viOLet was scheduled to compete in Group D with aLive, Polt and Ryung. He will now be scheduled to play a Challenger League Bracket Round 3 Match next week and details will be announced soon. He will not be penalized any prize money or points.

As a result of viOLet’s forfeit, Thursday’s Group will now feature three matches instead of the originally scheduled five. Polt and Ryung will meet in the night’s first Match, with the winner moving on to play Alive in the Winners Match, and the loser moving on to the Final Match.

You can watch the competition live on Thursday, May 23 starting at 6pm ET at

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