For most of the 2006 season, Vash took his steady Battle Rifle around the league, switching teams here and teammates there until finally, after Chicago, he found the mix of players he truly wanted. Reforming their Legendz team, Vash, Defy and Mack picked up StrongSide after his departure from Carbon to form a squad that would be the 4th ranked team overall going into both Orlando and the Playoffs in New York. Vash’s position on the team as objective and support player makes him a key player in the team’s long-standing formula, and expectations are high for them in the post-season. MLG snagged Vash away from his team practice for a moment to pick his brain about who he sees at the forefront of the New York Playoffs which are rapidly approaching. His picks are below.

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Vash’s Playoff Picks

1. Final Boss – FB should have their act together this tournament as long as they practice.

2. Carbon – Carbon has the most potential to beat FB, and I am not doubting they can do it again, but I think FB will step it up for NY.

3. Str8 Rippin – Str8 is usually consistently Top 3, but I doubt they will be able to beat Carbon or Final Boss.

4. Legendz – I am not being cocky; I just really want to get Top 4! We are going to have a lot of practice compared to the five days of practice we had going into Orlando. Our toughest battle will be against our first-round match up, Xit Woundz.

5. Xit Woundz – These guys could take 5th at the least, but I can see them taking a higher placing as well. Fifth is the lowest they could go with their solid teamwork and good roster.

6. Storm Ventures – I put them at number six because they are a good team and they have proven themselves throughout the season. They have a good team balance, but won’t beat the teams ahead of them in NY.

7. MoB GamerGraffix (formerly Triggers Down) – They are at number seven because they are all great players and now they have time to practice all together. They all are good at what they do.

8. ShooK On3 Gaming – They didn’t perform very well in Orlando. I can’t see them placing any higher because they are too inconsistent.