Zone 6 was unable to pull off the upset against the seventh seeded team, Ambush. After taking a 2-1 series lead, Ambush regained control of the series and took Game 4 on CTF Onslaught 3-2. The deciding Game 5 took place on Guardian, Team Slayer was the gametype. The game was close throughout as each team traded kills. Rephorik had some very clutch kills from top snipe on chargine Ambush players, as he ducked under Gunshot’s snipe bullets that flew from Blue 2. As time counted down, both teams found themselves tied. An Ambush player was able to sneak from Snipe to Gold and a hectice battle ensued between both teams. The Game ended and the scoreboard showed a one kill advantage in Ambush’s favor, 39-38. A talented Zone 6 team will head to the losers bracket and look to claw their way back to the top 16.

Breaking Point, on the other hand, came back from a 2 game defecit to upset 15th seeded Mob Deep. Momentum seemed to change hands in Game 4 after Breaking Point came out on top 5-1 in Onslaught, a gametype they had been beaten badly on Xbox Live by Mob Deep several times. In Game 5, Chig went absolutely crazy, ending the game with 15 kills, 12 assists, and only 8 deaths as his team pulled off the upset 49-48. The winning kill was netted on Demon D, who was top middle in a tie game with the sniper rifle.

Jackalopes also pulled off the upset in the first round rather convincingly over Phobia. After winning the first game 3-2, Jackalopes blew Phobia away in the second game, winning 50-28. Drummer went 14-5 and his team managed to accumulate 51 assists on 50 kills. After losing Game 3, The Jackalopes regained their confidence and sent Phobia into the losers bracket.

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