Under the Influence and The Littles just battled it out in Winners Bracket Round 3 action, and the results are in. Game 1, Narrows Team Slayer, went in UTI’s favor fairly quickly. After jumping to the early lead, UTI’s momentum started to dwindle to a halt. Despite their string of mishaps though, they still clinched the match 50-42.

Game 2 took place on Construct Team King, and was a white-knuckle round up to the very last minute. Lil Poison played the objective for the game’s entirety while his teammates backed him up with constant support. In the end though, The Littles were no match for Under the Influence’s dominance. UTI went on to take the map and match with a 250-222 Game 2 win.

The Scores:
Game 1: 50-43
Game 2: 250-222