Under the Influence, who walked into the Meadowlands with the sixth seed due to their impressive Online Pro Circuit Ladder #1 performance, took on It Takes four for the right to move on to Open Bracket Winners Round 3. Many people have been interested in seeing how their online game will translate onto LAN, and if this match was any indicator, they’ll be just fine.

Game 1 was Team Slayer on Construct. It Takes Four put up a relatively decent fight throughout the game’s duration. Despite their efforts though, Under the Influence went on to take the game 50-36. Game 2 was King of the Hill on The Pit. This match was pure dominance. Everything was working in UTI’s favor, and the score was a good reflection of that. UTI took the match by an impressive final score of 150-16. They have now earned the right to appear in Winners Bracket Round 3 tomorrow.