Not a whole lot of news this afternoon, folks, here’s what is out there.

  • EA supposedly at it again, proposing bids to purchase the NBA. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took on Starbucks and Wal-mart. (Shacknews)
  • MS, Sony, and Take-Two Interactive are all being sued due to including the “likeness” of a minor in the “Guy Game” while she was underage and without her consent. All copies of the “Guy Game” have been temporarily pulled from shelves. Mark another point for Take-Two. (Gamespot)
  • Nintendo has Sold 2 million Nintendo DS units in the US and Japan. The US has consumed a few hundred thousand more units than Japan, probably somewhat due to the PSP competition in Japan.
  • HBO opened their Cutscene Library today featuring the first cutscene in Halo 2.