By Tsquared

I'd like to start this blog entry with a special thanks to my Mom. In MLG Orlando, it was my 24th birthday. Unfortunately, Mom got owned and broke her arm the day before.  She somehow drove over two hours with one hand to deliver a kick-ass cake.  Shout out to her, and get well soon.

Even though our team went undefeated on Friday in Orlando, we still fell short of our goal to place Top 8, which was extremely disappointing.  For sure you can count on Str8 to be making a run going into Providence.

Last week I sat down with to talk MLG, SteelSeries, Halo 4, other titles, and much more.  Check it out-  pretty awesome read.

Prior to the Forbes article, the NY Times covered how I've been playing Minecraft on my Xperia™PLAY (shout out to Minecraft Chick).  Thanks to Bob Tedeschi who wrote the amazing article on Mobile Gaming.  

I'll be making a special appearance with TLO before MLG Providence- check out all the details!


The Controller: Battlefield 3 

Remember to watch me compete for $50,000 Friday at 11AM PT when a new episode drops of The Controller: Battlefield 3.  This is sick stuff, man-some of this stuff has never been done in gaming.  Six pros and Six noobs (three from the MTV Real World) get paired up competing in virtual and IRL…I mean physical challenges.  All the current epsodes of the show can be found on Gamespot's Controller site.  Big shout out to Dice, EA and  Bunim/Murray Productions for getting involved with the competitive gaming community.  Check out the latest episode below, and then head over there to watch the rest. There's also a bunch of behind-the-scenes footage on YouTube.

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