By Tsquared

What's up, MLG fans!!  Columbus was a blast—it was the first time Str8 Rippin competed in a tournament since MLG D.C., last Season.  Getting 2nd Place was nice considering our seed and some people may see it as an accomplishment but I was pretty disappointed with how we performed in the Finals.  Which is why Str8 Rippin made a lineup change recently (for more on that, see below).  Anyway, the crowd was sick—always is in C-bus— and it's our job to ensure it will be even better in Anaheim.  

Post Columbus:  Finding my Inner Nerd

I've been to Comiccon, CES, and E4 but never to the official Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3. duh). This was exactly what I needed—after playing Halo consistently for a good month it was nice to take a week off and get caught up on all the sick games coming out.  The hotel we stayed in was awesome, so thanks to Sony Ericsson and all their (super cool) staff for a sick time.

I bopped around from booth to booth taking pics but mainly checked out all the new games on the Xperia™ PLAY. 

Here I am interviewing Dan Ayoub from 343 studios about Halo: Anniversary 

Check it out: I take on Minecraft Chick on the Xperia™ PLAY:

Heading into Anaheim

Elamite was stuck in the Detroit airport because he went out to Amsterdam (extremely jealous) for an MLG style Halo: Reach tournament.  Congrats to him and his EuroSquad for taking 1st; when he gets back, the new Str8 squad will be gaming nonstop until MLG Anaheim.  I plan on doing everything I can to make sure we stay focused and come out strong in California.  I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on our practice schedule and any upcoming LANs that we may hit up—stay updated and follow me on Twitter.

Shout out to my fans, my family, my team MLG staff, coach Small, the Elams, Mr. and Mrs. P, Dr Pepper, Sony Ericsson, and of course the Str8 supporters!!

The Interview

In addition to writing this blog entry, Tsquared was kind enough to take time out of his schedule to sit down with MLG’s Alco to answer questions about Str8, give predictions for Anaheim, and discuss his thoughts on the current state of Reach.

MLG: Needless to say, the decision to toss aside a roster that placed 2nd at its first Event came as a shock to many fans. With so much obvious potential having been ditched for a team that hasn't yet played together in Reach, do you see the roster change as a gamble?

Tsquared: The roster change is definitely a gamble but if I had to put my money on two guys, it would be Elamite and Neighbor. They are two veteran players who tend to perform better under pressure.

MLG: Most fans are quick to observe that in terms of gameplay, the transition from Halo 2 to Halo 3 wasn't as big a change as Halo 3 to Halo: Reach (which I'm assuming you'd agree with). How can you be sure that the old school roster will mesh well in Reach?

Tsquared: Halo: Reach is definitely different, but the basics are still there and the best teamwork, chemistry, and communication will win. I've made the transition three times already but I wouldn't have made the switch if I wasn't confident they would be able to adjust.

MLG: At the moment, obviously Instinct are the team to beat. With other teams putting in so much time and effort, do you see Instinct's dominance waning come Anaheim? How confident are you that the new Str8 will give them a run for their money?

Tsquared: Instinct are definitely the team to beat and I don't plan on them being any worse next Event. I'm sure they are already looking for ways to improve, [and] the other teams will have to come in hot if they want to win. If we win our Pool, we would face them in the Winners Bracket Semifinals and it should be a good match. I'm sure the games will be a lot closer than they were in Columbus.

MLG: As you are well aware, the MLG community has been infected by StarCraft fever as of late. What did you think of the atmosphere of the StarCraft 2 Event in Columbus? Have you tried the game out for yourself?

Tsquared: The crowd was rocking in Columbus! Personally, I haven't tried StarCraft 2 out, but I plan on evolving from my stupid noob stage very soon.

MLG: Thanks for taking the time to gives us your thoughts, and good luck in Anaheim.

Tsquared: No problem!


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