Online powerhouse, Triggers Down, just took on Above the Odds in their first match of the event. Everyone has been anxious to see how they would make the transition from Online to LAN and, from what we’ve seen, they seem to have adjusted quite well.

Game 1 was Team Slayer on The Pit. Above the Odds took a surprising 5-0 lead before Triggers Down were able to get a single kill. They quickly responded and eventually battled to a 20-12 lead. Eventually, TD went on to win by a final score of 50-36. FearItSelf was a huge asset in Game 1. He finished the game with 18 kills and 6 deaths.

Game 2, King of The Hill on The Pit, started off as a relative stalemate. The teams traded blows, until TD eventually mounted a 133-71 lead. Hysteria played the objective well, racking up a total of 107 seconds by the match’s conclusion. Triggers Down went on to win the match 250-107. Hysteria, Lowkin, and SK finished with 26, 25, and 24 kills, respectively.