Triggers Down were one win away from a spot in the Championship Bracket when they met a tougher challenge than they expected in the form of 35th-seeded MoB Deep. The number-three team won the series 2-0, but logged three games to do it. Game 1, Team Slayer Guardian, was replayed after the teams tied in the first go around.

Up 32-24 with two minutes to go, MoB Deep could sense a Game 1 win. Hysteria went nuts with a Mauler, however, and turned the tide, allowing Triggers Down to tie the game and take a brief lead. Deep almost completely let the game slip, down by one in the waning seconds, but pulled some clutch kills to end tied at 39. The teams were forced to replay the game.

Undaunted, Deep again pushed to an early lead, though only by a few kills. Midway through the game, Triggers Down assumed a several-kill lead before ceding it to their opponents again. Up two as the score entered the 40s, Deep could not maintain their excellent teamwork and Triggers Down pushed for a 50-44 win.

Game 2, The Pit King of the Hill, was close at first, but Triggers Down pushed their superior talent to a relatively easy win at 250-143. In three games, Triggers Down managed to take the series 2-0 and earned a spot in the Championship Bracket.