Triggers Down (SK aka Halogod, FearItself, Hysteria, and Lowkin) and Carbon (Karma, Shockwave, Ghostayame, Gandhi) battled for the right to move on to the Losers Bracket Semifinals. Carbon raced to a one-game lead after Onslaught Capture the Flag, but they had to make a huge comeback to do so. Triggers Down led 2-0 before Carbon rallied to tie the game, sending it to overtime, where the national runners-up took the 3-2 win.

That was all the success Carbon found in the series, however. Triggers won Guardian Team Slayer 50-38 and The Pit King of the Hill 230-146 thanks to Hysteria’s 31-17 game, before they closed the series with a Narrows CTF win, in which SK went 23-15. The 3-1 series win advanced Triggers Down to the Top 4.