Pro Circuit powerhouses, Classic and Triggers Down, found themselves pitted against one another in a match to decide who would move on to the Losers Bracket Semi Finals. It was do or die for both teams, and it was made evident by how closely-fought each game of the series was.

Unfortunately for Classic, Triggers Down proved to be the better team this weekend. CTF Onslaught, which served as Game 1 of the series, was kept close throughout its duration. However, TD went on to win the game 4-3. Game 2 on Team Slayer The Pit was another nail-biter, but again TD got the best of Classic and went on to win 50-46. KOTH Constuct was the last map of the match, which Triggers Down won by way of 250-267.

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Triggers Down Eliminated Classic in Losers Bracket Round 6, with their ever-growing crowd of fans cheering them along.