Winners Bracket 2 Game Types:
Game 1 – Multi Flag – Narrows
Game 2 – Team Slayer – Guardian
Game 3 – Team King – The Pit
Game 4 – Team King – Construct

Triggers Down came out again playing well, taking all three games against High Life. Profound Hype also swept Fatal Images as both teams advanced to Winners Bracket 3 rather easily.

Carbon and Instinct both needed 4 games to topple their opponents. The Influence played very well in their series against Carbon, keeping all of the games very close. They lost by a flag cap, three kills, and 41 seconds in KOTH. In the KOTH game they won, they managed to hold the last 10 seconds of the game to surpass Carbon, 213-210.

The Instinct took the first two games of their series, but were unable to complete the sweep as they dropped the third game of the series 218-234. XiT tried to keep up the momentum in Game 4, but a skilled Instinct team kept their cool and came away with the win, 250-218.