During the insanely difficult task of progressing through the Halo 2 Open Free-For-All, we will track the progress of Final Boss’ Ogre 1. Ogre 1 earned a bye through the first round of the competition, so his initial action in the tourney occurred during Round 2.

Ogre 1 sat down a Station 3 in Dallas near seven players of which he had probably never heard before. That fact can make some professionals complacent, which can be a dangerous proposition. Just because a player is relatively unknown does not mean he or she is not good and, in the right confluence of talent, a pro player can meet elimination early in the Open FFA. Ogre 1 looked to fight off that potential pitfall.

He opened quickly, jumping into the top three positions within the first minute of play. Yahzee and Godly 1 joined Ogre 1 by putting some separation between themselves and the rest of the players. A third of the way through the round, those players enjoyed at least an eight-kill gap between themselves and fifth place.

As the match progressed, all worries that Ogre 1 might fall prey to the horde were lost, as the lead group continued to out-pace the other competitors. With three minutes remaining, Ogre 1 hit 50 kills and enjoyed an 11-point separation between himself and elimination. At that point, Yahzee, Godly 1, and s Phaze had kept up with Ogre 1, with the lead vacillating between the different players. In the final minutes, however, Ogre 1 turned on the jets and sprinted to the finish, winning the round with 65 kills. With two minutes to go, the lead group was tied, but Ogre 1 finished with a six-kill win. His final stats were 65 kills to just 37 deaths. He threw in a nice 32 assists as well.

Ogre 1 got off to a great start. We will see if he continues the momentum into Round 3.

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