The top seeds at MLG San Diego have proven why they are the top seeds early on. Classic, Instinct, Carbon, Triggers Down, The Influence, and XiT Woundz all open with 3-0 series wins.

Triggers Down came out sluggish in the first CTF Game on the Pit, trailing in their game until 20 seconds before the end of the game. Their opponent, Aresenal, pushed well throughout almost the entire game but lost control right near the end. After tying the game at 1 flag each, Triggers Down stormed back across the map and quickly capped the game winning flag. A morally and statistically defeated Arsenal was unable to recover, as they watched a superior Triggers Down team take the next two games of the series rather easily. Game 2, Narrows TS, went in their favor 50-28. Game 3, King of the Hill on The Pit, was won 250-94 by Triggers Down.

The Influence also had some trouble in the first game of their series. After capping rather quickly, The Influence found themselves in the hole 2-1 after some great teamwork by Dirty Ghetto Kids. With only seconds remaining, The Influence was able to pull a flag and bring it home for the tying cap. After an intense eight minutes of sudden death overtime, The Influence managed to cap the winning flag. They took the next two games, 50-38 and 217-187 respectively.

The Instinct came out flying in Round 1 of the Championship Bracket against RtG. They took a 2-0 lead after only 2 minutes of play. Five minutes into the game, Instinct capped the third and final flag. Their teamwork was very strong and they seemed unaffected by the addition of Snipedown, who seemed to fit very nicely with their fast and furious playstyle. The Instinct took game 2 50-29, and the third game 250-73. Snipedown dropped 31 kills and only fourteen deaths in the third game while Mackeo finished with 23 kills, 21 assists, and 13 deaths.

XiT came out strong winning all three games in an efficient matter against Adversity. Game 1 was 3-1 in their favor, Game 2: 50-44, and Game 3: 231-146.

Classic also had absolutely no problem in their match against Combat Evolved winning all three games by a steady margin. They took Pit CTF 3-0, Narrows TS 50-31, and Pit King 250-117.