Team passes are often a tough commodity to come by. With only a limited number of them available for every event, there always seems to be those unlucky teams who miss out on getting a pass. Here are some tips you can use to ensure that you’re not left out in the cold when team passes go on sale.

Play in the Online Qualifiers

We can’t stress this fact enough. Playing in the Online Qualifiers prior to each event is the only way to guarantee yourself a pass. Simply sign up, compete, and finish within the Top 64. Presto, you’ll have a reserved team pass for the upcoming Live Competition. You won’t have to scramble your way through the MLG Store when passes are released, hoping to somehow beat out the other hundreds, if not thousands, of players trying to purchase one of the limited passes.

Worried that you don’t have the skills to make it into the Top 64? While you will still need to win games, the Online Qualifiers are largely based on your participation. As long as you are able to win a couple of games every so often, you should have no problem getting into the Top 64 as a team. All of that activity will also help you improve your skills and teamwork.

To learn more about Online Qualifiers, click here.

Don’t be a fool. Take the time to sign-up for the Online Qualifier, get in some good practice with your team, and guarantee yourself a reserved team pass. If you choose not to take this route, you have only yourself to blame when you’re stuck sitting at home during the next Live Competition.

If, for whatever reason, you decide to ignore this advice or can’t compete in the Online Qualifier, read below for some tips as to how to improve your chances of getting a pass through the MLG Store.

To quickly access the MLG Store at any time, simply click “MLG Store” in the very top nav pane on the right side. It’s located next to the Help Desk and Logout functions.

Be Prepared
MLG Live Competition Passes go fast. Very fast. In fact, they’ve been known to sell out in as little as four minutes! Yikes! In order to give yourself the best chance at getting a pass from the store, it’s important that you’re as prepared as possible for when the passes go live. Here are a few things that you can do to increase your chances.

Have your credit card ready– The best way to improve your chances of getting a team pass is to save your credit card information to your account in the MLG Store. It’s important to remember that you haven’t bought a pass until the transaction goes through. This means that simply putting a team pass into your shopping cart won’t guarantee that you will get one. You must checkout and your credit card must be approved before you are the rightful owner of an MLG Live Competition Pass.

To save your credit card information to your account in the MLG Store, simply do the following:

Go to Your MLG Store Account
Once here, scroll down to where it says “Credit Cards.” Here, you can look at the cards that are attached to your account, and if necessary, attach a new card or edit information on an existing card. By saving your credit card information to your account, you can avoid entering it when passes go on sale. This will save you valuable time and could be the difference between getting a pass and coming up short.

On the night that passes are released, you should be refreshing the page for the pass you wish to purchase. When the page changes over to say that the passes are now available, quickly add a pass to your cart and click “proceed to checkout.” Select the credit card that you pre-entered earlier, and click continue. Here, you will be asked for the Security Verification Code on that card (the 3 digit number on the back), so make sure that you have the card with you, even if it is already saved to your account. Once you have confirmed that everything is correct, click “complete transaction.” With any luck, you’ll be enjoying yourself at an MLG Live Competition in the near future.

While these tips will certainly improve your chances of getting a pass, the only way to guarantee yourself one is to finish within the Top 64 of an Online Qualifier. The Columbus Online Qualifiers for both Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 are now open, so get your team together and sign up today.

Columbus Halo 3 Online Qualifier

Columbus Gears of War 2 Online Qualifier

In any event, if you are unable to get a team pass there is always a chance that you can still get one after all passes have been sold. Oftentimes there are teams who choose to sell back their pass, for whatever reason. MLG helps teams looking to sell their pass find people looking to buy team passes. If you happen to miss out on getting a team pass for any event, post in the thread for the event here, and with enough luck, someone will contact you with a pass.