Player Name: Walshy
Real Name: David Walsh
Birth Date: June 23, 1984
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Current Team:Instinct
First Event Attended: Philadelphia 2004
Number of Events Attended: 37
Best Placing:1st (2005 and 2007 National Championships)
Favorite Gametype: Pit King of the Hill
Controller Settings: 3 Sensitivity, Inverted, Bumper Jumper, Vibration Enabled
Other Favorite Competitive Games:Castle Crashers
Hobbies: Bowling

MLG: After being released from Final Boss, your first move was to secure Soviet as a team mate. What lead to this decision?

Walshy: I LAN’ed with him in the Halo 2 days, and I saw him at a local tournament early on in Halo 3. He just seemed dedicated and was really, really, good. I just wanted to team with him.

MLG: How do Roy and Lunchbox differ from the Ogres?

Walshy: I would say they are more willing to work with the team. They take criticism really well and they help me out a lot. They tell me what I’m doing wrong and what I should be doing different in situations.

MLG: After a second place finish at Toronto, Instinct placed fifth at Dallas. What went differently at Dallas that prompted a lower finish?

Walshy: We played a different playstyle. It just felt that we tried to set up much more than is practical and I think it just hurt us because there were a lot of times that we could charge around and be aggressive and play how it naturally feels good for us, and we kind of stopped doing that.

MLG: Instinct is currently LAN’ing against Triggers Down. How is the LAN going and how has it helped you prepare for Vegas?

Walshy: Well we got to tryout what we’ve been practicing; finding out which things have been working and which haven’t. We won the LAN overall, it was 64 to 56 and 1 tie, so it was pretty good.

MLG: Instinct is also LAN’ing with Final Boss before the event; Have the two teams put aside some of the bad blood?

Walshy: It will be awkward there. We’ll probably be staying at their house one night. Things have definitely settled down a bit, but we’re going there mainly for practice. That’s how I’m treating it as.

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MLG: Which team do you think will be your toughest opponent in Vegas?

Walshy: Can’t overlook any of them, but obviously the two that stand out are Str8 and Triggers Down. But if we overlook teams like Classic, or if we have to play Ambush or like Final Boss we can’t overlook them. Triggers Down and Str8 Rippin are the top two for sure.

MLG: Recently you have been doing a lot of work with Gamers Outreach. What is this organization and how did you get involved?

Walshy: Gamers Outreach is a 501 C Non Profit Charity. We use gaming directly and indirectly for charity purposes. At one of our first events, we raised $15,000 for Autism Research. We had a PC LAN plus a Halo tournament. We have our next event coming up Ferbruary 27th, 28th, and March 1st at Eastern Michigan University, obviously in Michigan. We plan to raise at least double that this year. We want to get video game consoles or Nintendo Wii’s for rehab hospitals because it’s been proven to be faster and better for recovery. It’s a video game compared to squeezing a ball ten times. I’m on the Board of Directors for the charity; it’s something I like to promote.

MLG: How has Kiaeneto been doing and what new merchandise can we expect from you in the new year?

Walshy: Kiaeneto has been doing very well. We’re basically going to be having a relaunch. We have a new website and all our new designs coming out in January. Our website is going to be revamped with about 20 new designs at least. We have Kiaeneto shoes coming out. It’s gonna be sweet. You’ve heard of the Air Jordans? Get ready for the Couch Walshoes.

MLG: Does an experienced coach like xXx help make playing with a new roster easier?

Wasly: Yeah, he does. He’s obviously very experienced in the league. He’s probably one of the few people that I can say has been to as many, if not more, tournaments than myself. He’s got so much experience in the league. He’s just willing to do whatever the team wants. This next event he’s flying out for the FB LAN and just staying at my house for a few days. Just going to go over footage with us, hang out, get us really pumped up and intense for this next event.

MLG: After several years of being involved with the league, what are your top five MLG moments?

Walshy: Top 5 MLG moments. Let me think. In no order: 2007 Championships, this year’s Meadowlands (Just because it was a new game and proving skill transferred over from game to game), Kiaeneto launch, Gilbert Arenas’ Million Dollar 25th Birthday Party, and 50k3 Atlanta 2004 (that was my second 4v4 win).