Player Name: Victory X
Real Name: Cameron Thorlakson
Birth Date: October 7th, 1989
Hometown: West Bloomfield, Michigan
Current Team: Final Boss
First Event Attended: Chicago 2005
Number of Events Attended: 19
Best Placing: 3rd (Meadowlands 2008, San Diego 2008)
Favorite Gametype: Narrows CTF
Controller Settings: 3 Sensitivity, Default, Bumper Jumper
Other Favorite Competitive Games: FIFA 2009
Hobbies: Full Time College Student

Victory X

MLG: How did you and Mackeo end up teaming with Ogre 2?

Victory X: Well, after Vegas last year we wanted to switch it up because we weren’t playing that well with Classic. So we asked Heinz to team, and then we got StrongSide to join. We had that team for a few weeks but then Heinz got asked to join Triggers Down and he did. Then it was Mackeo, StrongSide, and I looking for a fourth, but there was no one to pick up so. StrongSide decided to go join sQ after playing with them on LAN. After that it was just me and Mackeo looking for a team and then we found that Ogre 2 and FearItSelf might want to team, so we played with them for a few days. They asked us if we wanted to team and we of course said yes.

MLG: In WBR1 at Meadowlands, Final Boss will play against the Incredibles. While everyone knows about the Ogre connection, are you and Mackeo looking forward to facing off against Tupac, your one time mentor?

Victory X: Yeah it’s definitely going to be fun. I think it’s going to be the second time I’m going to face off against him. He’s hilarious, so it’s always fun to play with or against him. I’m excited for that.

MLG: When was the last time you played him?

Victory X: Sometime during 2007, not really sure when. My team definitely won, but I don’t remember the exact rosters.

MLG: So who is Tupac, and what can you tell us about him?

Victory X: I guess Tupac is one of the best Halo players of all time; one of the best Halo 1 players. He lived somewhat close to me, so after a while I hooked up with him. One of our team managers put us together. In 2006 we placed 10th at the first event and I teamed with him for a season.

MLG: How did you first get involved with MLG?

Victory X: I got involved with MLG because of my friend, theGreatMoo, who is also the current coach of Final Boss. We went to a local 2v2 together. Eventually, we got a team together and went to Chicago 2005 because it was only six hours away and we wanted to compete. We placed well and continued to go and keep improving on our placings.

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MLG: How did you first team with Mackeo?

Victory X: My friend and I went to a local 2v2 and played him. His team barely edged out our team in a game 11, but then eventually we decided to try something out because we were clearly the two better players on our teams. We kept playing together and found Pac and Slim and formed up a team. We only live 20 minutes apart so it was easy to LAN with each other.

MLG: Do you guys ever practice side by side?

Victory X: We used to do that a lot more, but now that we’re in separate schools it’s hard. We try to do it a lot more during the summer.

MLG: While maintaining your Pro Status you made the transition between being a full-time high school student to being a full-time college student. How is gaming now different than when you first started out?

Victory X: It’s not really that different. I guess I used to care about school a lot less, so I would play more. Now I try and focus on school a bit more but I could play a little more if I wanted to.

MLG: How did your LAN with Status Quo go?

Victory X: The LAN with Status Quo went fairly well. We didn’t really practice up to that point, so we didn’t know what to expect. We did better than Instinct and Str8, so I think it went fairly well.

MLG: You are one of MLG’s most consistent placers, yet you rarely get the credit as such. Why do you think that is?

Victory X: I guess people don’t see me as one of those flashy players like Neighbor or Hysteria. I’ve also made questionable decisions in the past that people can look down on; some streaky decisions.

MLG: How do you think the second season of Halo 3 is going to be different from the first?

Victory X: I think it’s going to be a lot tougher for teams to place consistently. There’s a lot of talent in the Top 10 teams, especially SQ. I expect them to place well after the amount of practice they’ve put in.