Player Name: Soviet
Real Name: Dmitriy Gulyan
Birth Date: April 27, 1991
Hometown: Aurora, Colorado
Current Team:Believe the Hype
First Event Attended: Orlando 2006
Number of Events Attended: 14
Best Placing:1st – 2007 FFA National Champion
Favorite Gametype: Lockdown Ball
Controller Settings: 4 Sensitivity, Default, No Vibration
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Street Fighter
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends


MLG: Which team will you be showing up to Columbus with?

Soviet: I’m heading into Columbus with Believe the Hype, which includes me, Cloud, Demon D, and Clutch.

MLG: How did you end up with them?

Soviet: My situation with Carbon didn’t work out. I didn’t think we had the potential that I was searching for.

MLG: Aside from low expectations, what else led to you leaving Carbon?

Soviet: I didn’t feel comfortable on the team and practice wasn’t very enjoyable.

MLG: Would you say that there is a lack of dedication on that team?

Soviet: I wouldn’t say that. They all really want to win, but they had other important things in their lives that interfered with practice, which I understood.

MLG: Had you heard that they were considering replacing you before Naded’s interview with ESPN, or was reading that interview how you found out?

Soviet: I knew before hand; that’s what triggered me to keep my options open. I really wasn’t thinking about leaving the team before [I heard] it.

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MLG: What’s the story between you and VG? What actually happened between you guys.

Soviet: Well, I’ve been wanting to team with Naded for a while, so I contacted him and talked to him about teaming. Then, I contacted Coldhrted – who is my good friend that I’ve wanted to team with for years. I talked to Naded and Karma about teaming with Coldhrted and they were down to try it at first, but then they realized it was unfair to go back on their word about the Golden Ticket thing. I didn’t really feel comfortable teaming without Coldhrted, so in the end it just didn’t work out.

MLG: Since there has been so much talk of him lately, introduce the MLG community to your friend, Coldhrted.

Soviet: Coldhrted and I have a long history. We’ve been playing together since the beginning of Halo 2. We basically started off as Halo friends, and became good friends over the years. He’s just another great player who just needs a chance; and I still wanna team with him to this day.

MLG: What was your personal opinion of the “Golden Ticket” thing?

Soviet: I think it’s great. Especially now, since it’s so hard to become known. It just gives a lot of players a great chance.

MLG: Of every team you’ve been on in Halo 3, which did you feel the most comfortable playing with?

Soviet: Instinct. (laughs) We got along great and we could talk over anything in halo. I liked the communication between teammates, and that’s what made me feel so comfortable.

MLG: In your ESPN Sports Nation chat, you expressed a general dislike for Neighbor. Why?

Soviet: I just don’t care for how he does things in Halo; nothing personal.

MLG: Do you think you were playing to the best of your ability in Meadowlands?

Soviet: No. (laughs) Well, I think of the team first, and then my individual performance. I never felt like we were going to perform well, and no one could really get anything started. It’s hard to judge my performance off of that.

MLG: What’s your all-time favorite memory from your time playing on the Pro Circuit.

Soviet: Both the best and worst experiences [happened in Vegas]. The best was winning the 2007 FFA National Championships, and the worst was not being able to play in the 4v4 for $100,000 dollars because my teammate ate a bad taco!