MLG is proud to present the first edition of the new Timeout series, which offers a closer look at some of the players involved in the hottest happenings around the League. This week, MLG’s Jokr sat down with Soviet, who gives us the skinny on how he became the newest member of Instinct.


Player Name: Soviet
Real Name: Dmitry Gulyan
Birth Date: April 27, 1991
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Current Team: Instinct
First Event Attended: Orlando 2006 – ( 27th Perfect Balance – Soviet, Apex, Beast, Gporter)
Number of Events Attended: 10
Best Placing: 1st (2007 Vegas Championships 1v1′s) and 6th in the 4v4 at Orlando 2008(Chilled Reality – CallMeGod, Perplexity, Soviet and ArtOfWar)
Favorite Gametype: Construct KOTH
Controller Settings: 4 Sensitivity, No vibe, Default
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Counterstrike (Xbox)
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends

Quick Questions

MLG: How did you get involved with MLG?

Soviet: I went to a local tournament where they were talking about it, and people were saying that I should go to one, so I did. Apex approached me after a matchmaking game to team. I ended up teaming with him for Orlando 2006.

MLG: At the first two events in 2008, you failed to make it into the Top 16. What happened?

Soviet:The team chemistry wasn’t there. We couldn’t find a solid fourth. Mostly, it was my fault too. For Orlando, I switched up my playstyle. For the first two events I was just killing stuff. At Orlando I talked way more and communicated every little thing that I liked and didn’t like about our strats. I also had a team I felt more comfortable with.

MLG: After such a slow start to the season, how did you end up teaming with Walshy, Roy and Lunchbox on 3rd seeded Instinct. How does it feel to be playing with such veterans of the league?

Soviet: [Before San Diego] we went to the LAN and I made an impression on Instinct. I always had a respect among the top teams, and I guess after all the team changes, Walshy approached me and asked if I wanted to team and I stuck with him.

It feels really comfortable and exciting to team with Walshy and with the twins. They make every move for their teammates. They don’t do anything without thinking about their team.

MLG: How are you guys preparing for Toronto?

Soviet: We’re doing really well online against top teams, playing almost everyday, and we’re LAN’ing against Gandhi’s team at Walshy’s house prior to the event.