Player Name: Snipedown
Real Name:Eric Wrona
Birth Date: May 3rd, 1991
Hometown: Zionsville, Indiana
Current Team:Str8 Rippin
First Event Attended: Meadowlands 2008 (7th – Ambush – Gunshot, Eli, Silent, Snipedown)
Number of Events Attended: 4
Best Placing:1st (Orlando 2008 with Triggers Down and Toronto 2008 with Str8 Rippin)
Favorite Gametype: Construct KotH
Controller Settings: Boxer, 4 Sensitivity, Vibration
Other Favorite Competitive Games: The Madden Series
Hobbies: Varsity Tennis

MLG: You have attended four events, of which you’ve won two. How does that feel?

Snipedown: It feels great since it’s only my first season of playing in MLG, to scale myself so much in the ladders of teams. It feels pretty amazing just playing through the four events ‘cause I know so many people wish they could do that.

MLG: What caused the team change from Triggers Down to Str8 Rippin after winning Orlando?

Snipedown: There were a lot of conflicts going on between both teams. I was getting a lot of calls from Str8 Rippin. Triggers Down was getting worried and we weren’t getting along very well. I figured I might as well go to the team where we all got along really well, and I knew Kyle for a long time so that was one of the main reasons I left the team. Kyle and I had teamed for one local tournament; we knew after that that if anything happened with our teams we’d want to team together.

MLG: After you joined Str8 Rippin, what kind of pressure did you feel having to fill Neighbor’s old spot, and what are some differences between the two of you?

Snipedown: I knew Neighbor was a great player and I knew I could fill his shoes with enough practice with my team. Neighbor is really sneaky, everyone knows that. He’s a great player and he’s good at sniping. I know I’m good at sniping and I’m not as sneaky as him, but I think I stay back more and help the team out. I knew I was just as good of a sniper as him. I think me joining was the best fit for that team.

MLG: How does the Str8 Rippin team that won Toronto compare to the Triggers Down team that won Orlando?

Snipedown: I would say the victory with Str8 Rippin was a lot better, just for the fact we get along a lot better. I feel that both teams were playing great at the time and I thought that when I was on the Triggers Down team from Orlando we were unstoppable and we would have a dynasty. Now I know that we can do the same thing on Str8 Rippin and we will have a dynasty.

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MLG: Who’s the most individually talented player you’ve competed with?

Snipedown: I’d probably say Hysteria. His all around game is really good. He does objective when he needs to, his sniper is insane, and he gets what needs to be done done.

MLG: How is Str8 Rippin preparing for Dallas?

Snipedown: We haven’t decided who we are going to LAN against, but we know we are going to have a LAN. It’s going to be at my house, and we want to get about three or four days of LAN’ing in. We know we can’t slack off — everyone thinks we might. As long as we keep our practice up, we can get the first spot again.

MLG: Late in the season, Str8 Rippin has cemented itself as the team to beat. How does it feel to have everyone gunning for you?

Snipedown: It feels great to know that every other teams thinks we are the best and knowing that they want to beat us more than anyone else. Being the team to beat, since everyone is gunning for you, they’re going to try to learn how you play, what you do in certain situations, but as long as we keep our game play up we’ll always be the team to beat.

MLG: Out of the current rosters, who do you think poses the largest threat to your team?

Snipedown: Either Final Boss or Instinct, just because they’re both newly formed teams. Instinct has two new players on their team, so they have a lot more chemistry they can build up. On Final Boss, Neighbor has a different play style than Walshy, so they also have a lot of chemistry to build up as well and they have a lot to prove. So if both teams practice as much as they did for Toronto, then one of them will be in the Top 2 teams for this next event. It just depends on who wants it more. Triggers Down was a great team, but I think they lost their drive after Orlando.

MLG: What match up are you most looking forward to at Dallas?

Snipedown: I would definitely say the Instinct series. Everyone doubts us and says Instinct is the best at Objective games. We know they’re a great objective team, but we feel we are just as good, if not better than them at objective, so we want to prove that we are the best team so all the doubters can become our fans.

MLG: You’ve done promotional work for Entourage and represent Dr Pepper on the Pro Circuit. How does it feel to have this type of work so early in your career, and what has it entailed so far?

Snipedown: Being sponsored by Dr Pepper is something I never thought would happen for a really long time, if I ever had one at all. This opportunity is huge. I can’t wait to meet the Dr Pepper guys at Dallas. The whole Entourage shoot was pretty insane. Being filmed that early in my career was pretty intense. I was nervous going into it, but I think the four shots that we had were pretty good.

MLG: I heard you we involved in an ATV accident recently, care to comment on that?

Snipedown: (laughs) Oh yeah. I was at a friend’s house and we were riding four wheelers and dirt bikes. He went over a hill and he knew what was on the other side and I didn’t. He slowed down going over the hill and I kept going fast. I fell straight into this muddy ditch and the ATV flipped. I landed right on my stomach. I still have bruised ribs from it. This was about 2 months ago I’d say. The helmet cracked in half, pretty much my whole body hurt for a couple of days, my neck was sore, and the four wheeler was pretty messed up, but it still runs so it’s all good.

Player Name: KillerDrew
Real Name: Andrew Noriega
Birth Date: August 22, 1990
Hometown: Victorville, California
Current Team: Heaven & Earth
First Event Attended: Dallas 2006
Number of Events Attended: 4
Best Placing: 6th (2009 Meadowlands – Heaven & Earth)
Favorite Gametype: The Pit – CTF
Controller Settings: 4 Sensitivity, Walkie Talkie, No Vibration

Other Favorite Competitive Games: Halo 2, Call of Duty
Hobbies: Soccer and being with friends


MLG: Let’s get right down to business. Your team has been the subject of a lot of speculation since Meadowlands ended. What’s the deal with Heaven & Earth?

KillerDrew: We were searching for a new 4th to replace Hokum, and we had asked a number of people. But before we got answers from those guys, Poweezy and Perplexity were already moving on to ask somebody else. I was telling them to relax, give it time, and we will find somebody that we really want to go with. This went on for about 2 days. I told them if by Friday night we hadn’t found somebody that stood out to us, we could go with anyone they wanted and I would make it work. So last Thursday we were looking to run games with people. I was still holding on to some of the people we had previously asked and it became an issue. What it came down to was I was being really stubborn and I think it got out of hand. Next thing I knew, we had split up.

MLG: Let me stop you right there. Before we continue, why was Hokum dropped?

KillerDrew: We never intended to split – especially after Meadowlands. But Hokum told us that he can’t attend Columbus. We didn’t know what to do at first. He has a lot of schoolwork ahead of him in the next few months, and he also got a new job that requires him to move to California. So it was going to be really hectic for him. He told us that he wouldn’t be able to play much and he understood if we wanted to find someone else. We went back and forth on whether or not we needed a lot of practice. We talked it over and decided that practice is really important and began to find a new 4th.

MLG: Continuing on, what happened after the team broke up?

KillerDrew: I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t think something that small could have caused us to split. There were mixed feelings. I loved my teammates and we had planned on sticking together all year. So I sort of felt betrayed, but I knew it was mostly my fault. I was deciding whether or not I wanted to continue playing, but then Chig called me and asked if I was interested in teaming. I said yes, and we got straight to work. We knew we needed 2 players from another team to keep a pro seed. So our best option was Elumnite and Str8 Pimp from XiT Woundz. We instantly started to work but it didn’t feel right. I didn’t like the feeling of starting fresh. There were signs of us playing really well, and other of us not clicking at all. But I knew I had to keep going. Last night I got in a party with Perplexity and Poweezy and we just started talking, working out our differences, and talking about how awesome it was teaming. One thing led to another and we decided we shouldn’t let something as small as that ruin the good bond we had. So we started picking up where we left off. So we’ll see how things go from here.

MLG: So H&E is officially back in business – This time with Chig?

KillerDrew: Absolutely.

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MLG: Are you sticking with the name Heaven & Earth?

KillerDrew: Yep. It’s the greatest name in the history of sports!

MLG: So what have you seen from Chig so far, and what does he bring to the team?

KillerDrew: Well I think he has a ton of talent. I haven’t played with him enough to explain how he plays, but I know he’s really good. Plus he has what it takes, so we will work him into our aggressive playstyle.

MLG: How have you spent your time since Meadowlands?

KillerDrew: Well I haven’t been playing as much as I would like. I’ve been hanging out with friends, and last week was my spring break. But I [i]have[/i] been dominating kids in Halo Wars. (laughs) Now that the team situation is all figured out, I think we are going to get back to business and practicing every day.

MLG: Tell us what it meant to be named the Old Spice Rising Star Featured Contender.

KillerDrew: Poweezy has been telling me he’s the reason I got it, and that he taught me everything. So I’d like to give him all the credit! (laughs) When I got the call, I was kind of surprised because I had forgotten all about it. But by no means does it give me reason to let up. I have to stay focused and do everything I can to help my team improve. That’s the most important thing.

MLG: What type of player do you consider yourself?

KillerDrew: A team player. I think everybody on the team should be doing everything in any situation. I trust all of my teammates with whatever they do and they trust me. Every single person has to be selfless and play to win. It doesn’t matter how positive or how negative somebody goes.

MLG: What are your thoughts on coaches?

KillerDrew: I think it depends on what the coaches are doing. They can be a good thing or a bad thing. I think somebody repeating callouts would be annoying, but somebody reminding us of Overshield and rocket times would be really useful. And it would really help if he’s good friends with the team. We are a slow talking, calm team. So if somebody is screaming in our ears and getting us all frantic, I think it may knock us off our game. But if a team can find the right person it would definitely be a positive.

MLG: Tell us about the match-up against Status Quo.

KillerDrew: Well, we had played them in one of the placement rounds and ended up losing 3-2. We were off our game all weekend long, so on Saturday night we talked for a few hours about what we needed to do differently. We knew what we had ahead of us – Uprising, Ambush, and then Status Quo. So we showed up and did exactly what we talked about. I think we won 3 straight against them, and I knew we were going to win. They beat us on Narrows CTF pretty easily, but we took the next game and ended the series.

MLG: What’s the plan for the new H&E heading into Columbus?

KillerDrew: After Meadowlands, we knew what we did wrong, and what gametypes we need to work on. So we’re going to take that, learn from it, and improve. We don’t have any LANs planned as of right now, but we are definitely going to look into that. We want to play every day. With Hokum we played maybe twice a week.

MLG: Lastly, what do you like best about being on H&E?

KillerDrew: Wow, where do I start? I’ve known Poweezy for about 5 years now, and I consider him a good friend. We all get along so great, I can’t ask for anything more. Perplexity is the only person I’ve ever trusted grabbing snipe instead of me. He does some pretty ridiculous things. I just love the team, and I love my teammates. We always keep our heads up. I was watching our VoD against Status Quo on Onslaught CTF. They had the lead, and I was thinking to myself, “I don’t remember them getting the lead once.” So whenever we are down, we keep playing without noticing. And that is probably our best quality.