Player Name: Shockwave
Real Name: Chris Smith
Birth Date: January 17, 1989
Hometown: Berwin, Pennsylvania
Current Team:Carbon
First Event Attended: Philadelphia 2004
Number of Events Attended: 29
Best Placing:1st (2006 National Championships – Shockwave, Karma, Ghostayame, Gandhi)
Favorite Gametype: Pit CTF
Controller Settings: 3 Sensitivity, Bumper Jumper, Non Invert, No Vibration
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Guitar Hero
Hobbies: School Work, Hanging Out with Friends, Working Out, Basketball

MLG: After a somewhat disappointing season, you guys ended up placing third at the National Championships. Did that come as a surprise to you?

Shockwave: In one aspect it came as a surprise because we had been placing 7th the last three events. I mean, it was surprising for us that we finally got over the hump and finally got a good placing, but at the same time, we always felt that we could place that high. We thought we had the potential; we would just mess up at tournaments. It felt like in Vegas everything was going right. We all shot really well in Vegas.

MLG: One of your biggest upsets occurred in WB Round 1 against Triggers Down. Walk us through that series from your perspective.

Shockwave: Well, I have to say it was the most pumped up I have been for a series in my life. We had the Karma drama surrounding it. I was really pumped up to play against Ben. The community gave us a six percent chance of getting the upset; we were really fighting with our back against the wall. Going into the series, the first game was Onslaught CTF. We got down early but we managed to make a comeback near the end to win 5 to 4. As soon as that first game ended I knew we had a chance and I got fired up. Game 5 Narrows Team Slayer was probably one of our best games as a team. We managed to pull out a lead in the beginning and I remember distinctively getting a few four shots on Hysteria that would either make or break our control of top middle. I remember a triple kill in the end and just the feeling of getting that 50th kill for the upset. It was great.

MLG: Did the victory taste somewhat sweeter considering that you beat Karma who had left your team earlier in the season?

Shockwave: It was a bitter sweet moment. Don’t get me wrong, it felt great beating Ben after he left our team. It felt good to prove to myself that he should have stuck with us and that we can compete; but at the same time, I’ve known him for a long time and he was pretty sad after the match so I felt bad in a way.

MLG: In the next round you guys went on to beat Final Boss. Why were you guys able to beat them so decisively at Vegas after losing to them for most of the season?

Shockwave: I feel we matched up really well against Final Boss. Out of any of the teams, [I thought] Final Boss would have the most trouble with us. Neighbor is one of the best players on the circuit. I watched a ton of his VoD to make sure I knew what he was doing and to learn how he plays. Our team thought that if we could take an early lead we can get them into a mode where they don’t talk, they don’t communicate too well, and use their faults and maximize their weaknesses and it all went according to plan.

MLG: After those two giant wins, what were you thinking going into the WB

Shockwave: I thought we could win it all. We had managed to beat Triggers Down and Final Boss, two teams that I doubt anyone in the community even considered us upsetting. We felt really good, we had been LAN’ing against Str8 Rippin before this event, we knew how they played, we knew what their playstyle was and the gametypes were not necessarily in our favor but they were winnable games for us. We were really confident that we could pull it off.

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MLG: After gaining a 2-1 lead over Str8 Rippin in the WB Finals you ended up losing the next two games. Why did the series have such a sudden change of direction?

Shockwave: Game 4, Guardian Oddball. That was pretty much the change in direction. Guardian is easily our team’s worst map. If we had even managed to keep it close we would have been a lot more pumped up for the next Construct game, but their win on Guardian Ball demoralized us more than we’d like to think and it carried over into the Construct game where they took an early lead and never looked back.

MLG: You guys were unable to beat Instinct in the LB Finals. What went wrong during that series?

Shockwave: I think the key in every series is that you always want to win the first game, and especially for us. It gives you good momentum and pumps you up. The Onslaught Flag game we barely lost 5-4, and in my mind, we should have had it, but they managed to pull of a pretty good win in the last seconds. I think we got down on ourselves; we didn’t bring the same intensity that we had on Saturday, and I think that’s what cost us the series.

MLG: Why did Carbon do so well at Vegas compared to every other event this season?

Shockwave: Well, for one, we did practice a lot more for this event than we usually do. I felt that in other tournaments at least one of us would be off; at Vegas, we were all on fire. Our shots were really good, and because of that we managed to at least compete with every other team. For the most part of the season things were not falling our way; they were really close but just in the other team’s favor; but because in Vegas we finally came together we saw some of those close games finally fall our way.

MLG: Like ElamiteWarrior, your have little brother who found some success in Halo 2. Although he had several high placings last year, D Fury decided not to pursue a competitive Halo 3 career. What has he been doing in the meantime?

Shockwave: D fury is actually an extremely good lacrosse player and soccer player. Instead of focusing on Halo, he’s been focusing a lot more on sports. Actually, as we speak, he’s been getting letters from some really good lacrosse schools and he hasn’t even started his junior year of lacrosse yet.

MLG: Looking back on the 2008 Season, if you could change one thing, what would you have done differently?

Shockwave: I don’t really know, that’s a pretty hard question. I think at the beginning of the 2008 Season I would have probably switched my team to get the team I have now, or change something else up. But for the most part, the season played out pretty ridiculously. Personally, I got a lot better towards the end of the season so if I wanted to change it up at the beginning of the season I may not have been good enough to be on the team I’m on right now. I think what I went through during the 2008 Season made me better as a player and I don’t think I’d want to change it.

MLG: What can we expect from Carbon in the 2009 Season?

Shockwave: You can definitely expect an amped up Carbon and an excited Carbon. Obviously, a third place finish has definitely pumped us up as opposed to when in previous years a first place finish has kind of made us slack. A third place finish means we have a lot more room for improvement. The feeling of knowing that we were an Amplified Team Slayer choke away from possibly 3-0′ing Str8 and winning that tournament is really driving me personally, and I’m sure it’s driving the rest of the team, to really play and perform just how we did in Vegas.

MLG: What are your plans for the off-season?

Shockwave: My plans for the off-season are to do well in school while not being completely involved in Halo and try to have some fun along the way. It’s kind of a good break; I get to go back to living my life at college without really thinking too much about Halo or thinking that I have to get on every night to practice. But at the same time, Halo will still be a large part of my off season plans because of the drive I now have after Vegas.