Player Name: Roy
Real Name: Justin Brown
Birth Date: July 6th, 1990
Hometown: Urbana, Illinois
Current Team: Instinct
First Event Attended: Charlotte 2007
Number of Events Attended: 12
Best Placing: 2nd (2008 Las Vegas Championships – Instinct – Walshy, Roy, Lunchbox and Soviet)
Favorite Gametype: Onslaught CTF
Controller Settings: 3 Sensitivity, No Vibration, Bumper Jumper
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Left 4 Dead, Madden 2009, Call of Duty: World at War
Hobbies: Sports, Hanging with Friends, Winning Money from Neighbor in 1v1′s

MLG: In the first round of the Las Vegas Championship you beat Team Classic and your two old team mates Victory X and Mackeo. Did you feel a certain level of pride after beating some of your old mentors?

Roy: Somewhat, but at the same time it’s bittersweet. I really like Mackeo and Victory as people so it kinda sucks beating them. I teamed with them for a few events. At Dallas it was hard losing to them but it was a nice redemption beating them at Vegas. We kind of got back at them.

MLG: Later on you guys faced off against Walshy’s old team mates on Final Boss. How did that win compare to the one at Toronto?

Roy: I don’t think it was nearly as fulfilling as beating them in Toronto. Toronto they were a brand new team, we were a brand new team and they had just dropped Walshy before that event so he was a lot more pumped up to play them that event.

MLG: Do you think that the Instinct from Las Vegas was composed of the best players from the original Instinct and Final Boss rosters?

Roy: I guess you can say that. Mackeo and Victory are good players, it’s hard to say that me and Lunch are better than them but I think that they do certain things that are good and we do certain things that are good. I think Walsh was one of the better players on Final Boss so I think we comprise a team of all-stars from the two teams.

Instinct kept it close against Str8 Rippin the first time you met up, and a little bit less close in the Finals. Why do you think they were able to get the upper-hand over you both times?

Roy: I just think we weren’t all on the same page. One player was playing really good and the rest weren’t. We weren’t all on fire at the same time and that’s what it takes to beat Str8. Every player on the opposing team has to be on fire [to beat them] and that just wasn’t the case with our team.

MLG: How did it feel to be the 2008 Most Valuable Player?

Roy: It felt really good. It was definitely an honor to get the season’s MVP. It was something that I was hoping I would get after Vegas and I heard that Neighbor originally got it and I was extremely happy for him and I thought that he deserved it more than anybody. But when I got the call, I think xXx was the first one that told me, I was at a movie and I was just ecstatic.

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MLG: How did your expectations compare to what actually happened in Las Vegas?

Roy: I expected to get first honestly. We lanned Triggers Down and Final Boss. We beat them in both lans by not that much but we were playing really good at the LAN. During the first series, after the second game of Pit Slayer when we beat them by two kills I really honestly thought we were going to win. Getting second place was kind of disappointing but at the same time we made a lot of money and we just need to learn from our mistakes and take that into Meadowlands next year.

MLG: Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed by the MLG Commissioner, it seems you guys have picked up Neighbor in place of Soviet. What led to this decision?

Roy: Originally me and Neighbor were offered spots by SK and Hysteria, and I just couldn’t leave Lunchbox. I wanted to do it at first, but I needed to switch things up on our team to feel content. If not I would have been regretting my decision to not leave. So that’s when we decided to pick up Neighbor. Soviet is an amazing player and it was hard to let him go, but Neighbor we just feel is a game changer and just a little bit more consistent and that’s what we need and that’s what we did.

MLG: You’ve been spending a good amount of time playing matchmaking with Snipedown, Ace, and Neighbor. What have you learned about each of them as a player?

Roy: How extremely good all of them are. It is extremely hard for me to get most kills in a game. It is almost impossible for us to lose online. You’re playing with three other top pros and everyone is on fire pretty much all the time.

MLG: What are your plans for the off season and the money you’ve won?

Roy: I’m saving up most of the money I’ve made and I’m eventually going to buy a car. During the off season we are supposed to possibly have a LAN with Mackeo’s new team, Mackeo, Victory, Strongside and Heinz. It all depends on whether Mason can come because he might be busy that week. That will be a really good practice to see how we stand with Neighbor and how he’s meshing with us.