By Stalking Elmo

Player Name: Roy
Real Name: Justin Brown
Age: 20
Home State: Illinois
Current Team: (TBA)
First Event Attended: Charlotte 2007
Number of Events Attended: 23
Best Placing: 1st : Columbus 2010 (Instinct)
Favorite Gametype: Element CTF
Controller Settings: 3 sensitivity, Bumper Jumper, No vibration, No claw
Other Favorite Competitive Games: NBA 2k11
Hobbies: Sports



MLG:  First of all, congratulations on your new sponsorship with Dr Pepper. 23 flavors for your 23 Events!

Roy: Thanks. That’s the sponsor that everybody wants, so I was super excited when I got it. Just being able to meet all of their representatives in Dallas was awesome, and doing the autograph signing is always a plus.

MLG: Congratulations again. Now, before we look ahead to Columbus, tell us about Dallas. You must not have been exactly thrilled with 6th Place. What do you think went wrong there?

Roy: Lack of teamwork was our biggest problem; it didn't come down to anything other than that. I felt that everyone was playing pretty solidly individually, but we just were never able to get on the same page as a team, and it showed in our gameplay.

MLG: Was that an issue in practice as well, or was it just not clicking at the Event?

Roy: We really struggled at our LAN just before the tournament, and that carried over into Dallas. But before that LAN we were playing well as a team, and I felt as though we were one of the teams to beat.

MLG: Moving ahead, the big news now is that you and your brother Lunchbox have joined forces with Ogre 2 and Pistola. This new lineup has fans very excited, to put it mildly. Tell us how that came about.

Roy: After the tournament, I knew that the roster we had just wasn't clicking enough. We were the most practiced team on LAN and yet were struggling to win every series at the Event. So after the tournament, I knew it was a long shot, but I texted Pistola asking if he was interested, and things progressed from there.

MLG: What's it like teaming with Ogre2 and Pistola? Have the four of you gotten much practice so far?

Roy: We have played online the past two days already [as of April 8th] and let's just say my expectations for a team have never been higher in my life. This is the most exciting team change I have ever been involved with.

MLG: Wow, that's saying a lot! On a squad like this with so many talented slayers, who gets the power weapons off the start?

Roy: I'm getting [the sniper rifle] off the start of Sanctuary, but we are just going to feel it out and see what works best. You can't go wrong with any of our snipers; we are all very evenly matched, in my opinion.

MLG: Do you have any LANs scheduled? Will you guys still be attending LANs at The LAN Network?

Roy: We plan on LANning twice before Columbus. We haven't discussed where yet, but we will definitely get at least one LAN in.

MLG: What do you think of some of the new blood in the Top 8? Who is your biggest threat or competition, at this point?

Roy: I think the Top 8 is going to be as difficult to place in as it's ever been. There are a lot of young players with huge amounts of talent, and that is going to make this game very exciting. I think our biggest threat is without a doubt Status Quo. They came in and pretty much dominated the competition in Dallas, so I'm looking forward to playing them come Columbus.

MLG: What do you think about the Pro Circuit’s new Pool Play format? How does that affect the players? With the increased number of matches played, does it become more of a marathon than a sprint?

Roy: I personally enjoy Pool Play. This last Event we could have easily placed Top 12, but we got a break because of Pool Play so I'm not going to be one to complain. Halo players are used to playing Halo for hours on end, so for most of us it's not a problem.

MLG: Let's change gears and talk about a controversial subject: the DMR. There are a lot of opinions about the bloom and randomness, pacing and spamming, and so on. What are your thoughts on that? Is the weapon evolving as top players learn its nuances and discover how to use it effectively?

Roy: I personally love the DMR and think it is very skillful to know how to use it. There are so many different ways to time your shots in this game, and you have to know which situations require faster shooting and when to slow down your shots. I'm very excited to see how this game evolves and to see how people are shooting two or three Events down the road.

MLG: How do you think it compares to the Halo 3's battle rifle in the way it shapes gameplay?

Roy: In Halo 3, when you had the first shot, you were going to win the battle nine times out of ten. In this game, you are never out of a battle no matter what the situation is, so the game is much faster paced, because you can gain the advantage on the other team much more easily.

MLG: OK, Roy, this wraps up our interview. Thanks for taking time to chat, and good luck in Columbus! Any final remarks?

Roy: I want to give a huge shout out to our new teammates, Ogre 2 and Ola, Coach Towey, the Pennacchios, my family and friends, and last but not least, Dr Pepper!


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