Player Name: Pistola
Real Name: Justin Lee Deese
Birth Date: November 20th, 1992
Hometown: West Columbia, NC
Current Team:Triggers Down
First Event Attended: Charlotte 2007
Number of Events Attended: 17
Best Placing:1st -Triggers Down – Anaheim 2009
Favorite Game Type: Heretic TS
Controller Settings: 5 Sens – No Vibration – Default
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Left 4 Dead
Hobbies: Music, watching Dexter, Bleach, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragonball Z/G/GT, Death Note, Inuyasha, stand-up comedy, hanging out with my friends, going to the movies.


MLG: What have you been up to over the off-season?

Pistola: I’ve just been hanging out, relaxing, practicing, watching stand-up comedy and anime. I’m not that cool. (laughs)

MLG: Got any good recommendations for stand-up?

Pistola: Dave Chappelle and some of Bo Burnham’s live stuff; both of them are great.

MLG: We’ll have to check them out. TD picked up Neighbor in the off-season; that’s not anything new, but what does he bring to the team?

Pistola: He brings nothing at all… (laughs) just kidding. Honestly, he brings a lot to our team. He’s just an all-around great guy, amazing player, hilarious, all of the above. Watch out for him this year. Watch out!

MLG: You and Heinz have been on the same team since Orlando 2008; How did you feel about seeing him go?

Pistola: That was a change in the mood (laughs). It hurt at first but over time, everyone gets over things. Things happen for a reason and we will find out that reason at Orlando and many tournaments after.

MLG: Judging from that last comment, have you guys agreed to stick together all throughout next season?

Pistola: Yeah. We know this is our team and nothing is going to change it. Everything we do we have a reason for, even if others don’t see it. This is it, Triggers Down for 2010 and hopefully forever.

MLG: What is the key difference between the TD of 2009 and now?

Pistola: We slay everything now. This team will be better than the TD of 2009 — I can promise everyone that, so look out Orlando. Triggers Down is going to play their best and have a lot of fun while doing it! The key is always to have fun while playing with your best friends, my teammates.

MLG: You guys weren’t the only ones who made a team change over the off-season. Who do you think made the best change? Who do you think made the most questionable change?

Pistola: I don’t think any teams made any bad changes, but I’m not sure who made the best change. You never know what a team can do until they start playing at tournaments; that’s when they start giving it their all – playing to win 110% or 111%, because that’s how crazy a player’s mindset changes in a tournament atmosphere. I think we are going to have to wait until Orlando for that answer.

MLG: Who are you looking forward to playing the most at Orlando?

Pistola: I really can’t wait to play Str8, just to see how they’ve improved. I want to prove that I’m still the same player without Heinz. I hope everyone understands where I’m coming from. I also wish the best of luck to Str8 and Heinz!

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MLG: What a gentleman. Let’s switch gears to something even closer than the opener: the Doritos Pro-Gaming Combine. How do you feel about being an MLG Scout in the first ever Combine?

Pistola: It feels incredible to be one of the four pro player scouts. I can’t wait to get there and get started. I want to wish good luck to every team that is going and say that I’ll see you there!

MLG: Speaking of the teams, are there any teams that you are looking forward to watching play? why?

Pistola: I’m looking forward to watching every team play. This tournament is going to be crazy. No one knows what to expect, so I’m ready to see everything and everyone.

MLG: As a scout, what kind of qualities will you be looking for in a player?

Pistola: I’m looking for a player with a good shot, communication, awareness, the ability to stay calm, the ability to have a good time and laugh during a game. I want to see someone who plays for the team and not himself and can have some fun in the process.

MLG: What do you think the single most important attribute a player can possess in Halo 3? Why?

Pistola: As I always say, have fun with it. If you’re getting upset or angry you aren’t going to play at your best, so just have a great time doing what you love; everything will fall into place.

MLG: Those are words to live by. Pick one: slaying power or smarts? Why?

Pistola: I wish I could answer that, but you need both if you want to be the best. If you can out slay anyone in a slaying situation and outsmart someone in a battle of wits, you will no doubt be the best you can be, so play hard and practice hard at both slaying ability and smarts.

MLG: You got your start as a very good FFA player in Halo 2, winning two events in fact. How do you feel about Halo 3 FFA; the pace, the strategy, etc.?

Pistola: Halo 3 FFA is a lot different. It’s not as fast and it feels like it takes longer to kill. You have to kind of stay alive more also. In Halo 2, you could die as many times as you liked. In Halo 3, staying alive even in FFAs is important now. You have to play really smart; one mistake could cost you a win. Best of luck to everyone playing and remember to have fun!

MLG: Do you play the new MLG FFA playlist at all?

Pistola: I play it all the time; it’s a great warm up for your shot. It brings me back to when I played FFA in Halo 2; reminds me why I love this game.

MLG: In 2008, you started off placing 29th at the Meadowlands opener. Last year, you took home three first place finishes. With that said, do you have any advice for up and coming players?

Pistola: Just keep on practicing, never giving up, and just remember: play your best. Play for your teammates and never by yourself. Always know, that no matter what, they will have your back.

MLG: Let’s lighten up the mood and get to what we really want to know: People always comment on your hair, so what’s the secret?

Pistola: Well, I use AXE shampoo and conditioner some days and on others I use Dove shampoo and conditioner. Dove smells amazing; people actually tell me how good my hair smells sometimes.

MLG: You heard it first here folks. We also have to ask, will the infamous Plasma Pistola be in attendance at Orlando?

Pistola: Oh for sure…and maybe some other things will be attending also. The Pistola dance? Or maybe even pink boxers? You’ll never know until we get there!

MLG: We’re not sure if the state of Florida could handle the Pistola dance. Anything else you’d like to add before you go?

Pistola: I would like to thank the fans for everything they have done for the team and I. I hope to see you guys at Orlando and with some Triggers Down signs, body paint, and maybe even Triggers Down gear. Thanks to my family and friends for supporting me; it means a lot. I can’t forget Kory and Heinz. Last but not least: my teammates. I’m nothing without you guys, so thanks for supporting me helping me get where I am today. My Dad wanted me to also say, “My Mom and Dad are awesome.”