Player Name: iGotUrPisto1a
Real Name: Justin Lee Deese
Birth Date: November 20, 1992
Hometown: West Columbia, NC
Current Team: Triggers Down
First Event Attended:Charlotte 2007
Number of Events Attended: 12
Best Placing: 4th (2008 Dallas & Orlando – Ambush – iGotUrPisto1a, Nexus, Heinz, Cloud/Mudvayne)
Favorite Gametype: Construct King
Controller Settings: 5 Sensitivity, No Vibration, Default
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Left 4 Dead, Gears of War 2
Hobbies:Schoolwork, friends, movies

MLG: Ambush didn’t win a game at the Las Vegas Championships. What were you feeling coming out of that tournament??

iGotUrPisto1a: I felt like we played our best at the event but we just didn’t come out on top.

MLG: You were named the most unpredictable player on the 2008 Pro Circuit. Why do you think people find you so hard to predict?

iGotUrPisto1a: I think in Free-For-All I would do the most unpredictable thing and people wouldn’t expect it. In Free-For-All, you have to play unpredictable to win; in 4v4, I try to play unpredictable sometimes and it works out for the best.

MLG: Triggers Down tried to pick you up during the 2008 Season but you stayed with Ambush. What happened the second time they approached you after the conclusion of the season?

iGotUrPisto1a: I saw a great opportunity and I took it. After Ambush didn’t place well at Vegas I decided I needed change and I’m hoping this change is for the best.

MLG: Triggers Down recently picked up Heinz as well. Do you think the team will benefit from your past experience with him on Ambush?

iGotUrPisto1a: I think we’ll do amazing with Heinz. Heinz and I were teammates who had chemistry together, and SK and Hysteria were team mates and they have chemistry together, and now we’re going to mix the chemistry together and we’re all going to play amazing.

MLG: It seems that Hysteria was somewhat on the fence about staying with Triggers Down. What happened during that quick round of team changing?

iGotUrPisto1a: I think Hysteria wanted change because he was on Triggers Down all season, but I think when he switched he realized that he’s going to miss his ex-teammate like I did when I was on Ambush. So he decided to come back and we scrimmed them online and did amazing against them and he decided to stay.

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MLG: What do you think is the difference between replacing two players on a team and replacing one?

iGotUrPisto1a: I don’t think it’s smart to replace any teammates unless you think you need a change. With two teammates, you can try and build the chemistry. With one player he has to adapt to the chemistry.

MLG: During the past season, who do you think was the most underrated player on the circuit?

iGotUrPisto1a: I’m going to have to go with Heinz. Everyone overlooks him.

MLG: In 2007 you had several stellar performances in the Free-For-All but never made it to the Top 8 in the 4v4. This year you had two Top 4 placings in the 4v4. What did you do differently this season?

iGotUrPisto1a: Well, there’s no free-for-all this year so I didn’t have to practice it. This year I just focused on 4v4 and I guess I just got really good at it.

MLG: What are your expectations for the 2009 Season?

iGotUrPisto1a: I’m hoping with Triggers Down we’ll do amazing. We’ll get Top 2 finishes every event and it would be an amazing feeling to just win an event. I would love to win an event with this team.