Player Name: OGRE2
Real Name: Tom Ryan
Birth Date: August 3rd, 1986
Hometown: Pickerington, Ohio
Current Team: Final Boss
First Event Attended: Philadelphia 2004 – 1st Place
Number of Events Attended: 37
Best Placing: 1st (2004, 2005, 2007 National Championships)
Favorite Gametype: Narrows CTF
Controller Settings: 3 Sensitivity, Vibration, Default
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Halo: CE, Halo 2, Starcraft
Hobbies: Soccer


MLG: You, along with OGRE 1, Chris Puckett, and an entire grassroots movement of players from Ohio played a huge role in bringing professional Halo to where it is today. Tell us a little bit about what this event means to you.

OGRE2: It’s going to be pretty awesome. I’ve been going to tournaments for all of six years now, and this is going to be MLG’s first stop in Ohio – and pretty much the first national level tournament to be held in Columbus, where I grew up. It’s going to feel weird not having to travel for the event. That’s really something that always mentally comes with an MLG event, and now I’m just going to wake up and drive to the event since it’s like 20 minutes away. (laughs) I think it will definitely help having a lot of my friends there, because a bunch of them are going to show up to cheer me on. It’s not like having the home-field advantage in a basketball game, where thousands of home-fans show up, (laughs) but I think there will definitely be more Final Boss fans than usual.

MLG: So does that mean the guys from Final Boss will be staying at your place?

OGRE2: I’m not really sure to be honest. They’re not staying at my place, but they might be staying at ManTrain’s nearby. I think Victory said he would be getting a hotel room so I don’t know exactly.

MLG: Does the fact that it’s so close to your home turf give you a little bit more motivation?

OGRE2: Not really. I mean, I take every tournament seriously and I go into them thinking we’re going to win. It’s not like this is really any different of a feeling just because it’s in Ohio. It’s still a tournament, it’s still my job, and it’s still what I want to do. I play to win, ya know?

MLG: Many of the fans who are reading this interview have never been to Ohio – What’s your favorite aspect of life there?

OGRE2: I just like the people. It’s a lot more laid back than some of the big cities out there; places like LA, and New York. I’ve traveled all throughout the country and I’ve found that people are just a lot nicer in general. I don’t know if that’s just because I’ve lived here, or because people just really are nice, but It’s just a nice and laid-back homey feeling.

MLG: Let’s change focus to the event itself. How do you feel about your bracket?

OGRE2: I think it’s a great bracket. I’m glad we’re playing Ambush in Winners Bracket Round 2. I’m not afraid of Ambush. And I’m glad we’re matched up with Triggers Down again because I want a rematch; just to show people that we can beat them. But I like our half of the bracket. I think we got a nice draw.

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MLG: You guys were tough to contend with in Team Slayer in Meadowlands. Do you feel as though Final Boss is a slayer-heavy squad nowadays?

OGRE2: I don’t really consider us to be that much better in TS than we are in Objective. We played 5 Team Slayer games, and that’s not really a big enough pool of games to really evaluate it. I feel like we’re a really well-rounded team. I mean, TD only dropped a few Objective games, and one of them was to us. Plus, we almost beat them in Lockdown Oddball. I don’t really consider us a slayer team, but it’s definitely nice to not be weak in it.

MLG: The last we heard, Columbus was going to be OGRE1’s final event indefinitely. Is that still the plan?

OGRE2: Actually, he’s not even going to go to this event. He’s already in Australia, so apparently Meadowlands was his last event. He wasn’t really sure when he would be leaving, but left about a week and a half ago.

MLG: What was it like playing against him in the first round of Meadowlands? Did you guys have fun?

OGRE2: His team wasn’t too serious, so it was just good to goof around with him a little bit. We kind of messed around at the beginning of the game and collided with each other with snipers. I don’t even think people realize it happened. (laughs) We grabbed snipers (on Narrows), acted like we were going to shoot each other, and then collided over the Man Cannon and both fell off the map. No one even noticed it! He just went there to have some fun, and I think he did.

MLG: Do you feel as though you were capable of more in Meadowlands?

OGRE2: Definitely. I feel like we could have won the tournament. I mean, I’m not going to say that I think we are the best team out there – but to be completely honest, I feel like we had just as good of a chance to win as any other team. I don’t feel like any other team is significantly better than us. It all just comes down to who is playing better that weekend. We only played four series throughout the tournament and the least amount of games of anyone. We sat around for a long time, and just weren’t on our game. I feel like we should have beaten TD, and just didn’t capitalize on things like we should’ve. Another way of looking at it is: We got 5th Place, and the two teams that beat us got 1st and 2nd, so I feel like we definitely could’ve placed higher than 5th; it just comes down to not making those small mistakes.

MLG: One of those small mistakes might just have cost you the series against TD in Game 5 on Narrows. Run us through the “sticky grenade incident” from your point of view.

OGRE2: It’s all just kind of a blur now. It was just… unfortunate. It really wasn’t anyone’s fault. I saw Victory down at their snipe with rockets, and he went off of my screen. I assumed he was flanking, because that’s what we always do with the rockets. I heard shots to my left, and FearItSelf made a call-out for L3. I threw a grenade over there towards the ramp to keep that guy back – because I knew we had rockets and I wanted to keep them trapped in the lobby. I’m not sure if I was thinking I had a frag or not, but a sticky came out and Victory came back out of nowhere and walked right over my grenade. It was a one-nade betrayal on full-rockets. He was yelling at me, and I looked over towards where it happened and Hysteria sniped me immediately. We gave up snipe and rockets and they just pushed up on us. It was just a really unfortunate turn of events.

MLG: Let’s wrap this up on one final note. You and your brother played Halo professionally together for six long years. How do you feel about his decision to step away?

OGRE2: I’m happy for him. He’s been dating his girlfriend for over three years now, and they’re taking it pretty serious; but I’m happy for him. He’s taking the safe route by going back to school, and that’s good for him. There’s really nothing bad about it. He kind of lucked out in a way. His school, Ohio University, offered a study abroad program in Adelaide, Australia – which is like exactly where she lives. So it was really very fortunate for him if you look at it that way. Gaming wise, I just don’t think he had been having fun last year like he did in the past – so it was probably the best thing for him.