Name: Mason Cobb
Gamertag: Neighbor
Age: 17
Hometown: Mukilteo, WA
Favorite Games: Halo 1 and 2, Tiger Woods 2004

Neighbor (right) with his Str8 Rippin teammates at MLG Chicago 2007

Halo and Pro Gaming

What advice do you have to give to pro gaming hopefuls?

If you and your team put in good practice and sacrifice a lot of things for gaming, you’ll be that much closer to becoming a pro. I gave up a lot of my school sports for gaming, since I get bored of them pretty easily. It definitely has paid off, because I am happier than ever and have made great friends. I have experienced things few 17-year-olds are able to do at this age.

Also, what will really help the aspiring pro gamer is to never give up. If your team loses games online or you’re playing badly, don’t worry about it. Practice even harder and it will definitely benefit you!

Lastly, lessons from Neighbor will make you pro.

How did you get your start in the competitive world of Halo?

It really started during my sophomore years, when a lot of my friends were in the experimental stages of drug use and a lot of them got grounded. So I just played Halo with some of my other friends from school. We thought we were the best at our school until I hear that StK Vroomhas (Toxin) went to our school. So all week I was trying to find him, because I had heard he was so good. Once I found him, I challenged him to 2v2 me and my friend. Toxin and Ms Hotshy beat us 50 – 6, but I managed to get a double kill on them which was pretty sick. From then on I was determined to get better and try to go to some tournaments.

What has the road to becoming a professional gamer been like?

It’s been crazy. Actually, the first event I went to last year I earned pro status because my teammates had the 11th seed. At this year’s season opener in Charlotte, though, I took 22nd with Make it Rain and lost my pro status, until I joined Str8 Rippin. It was definitely a rough road because when I wasn’t performing well, which was pretty often, my parents would always want to have a talk with me about gaming and if it’s beneficial to my future. I am a senior in high school and they really want me to start looking into what college to go to. Recently I’ve been doing really well at tournaments, so all the time I have put into this game is definitely starting to pay off.

What do you feel are your best qualities as a Halo player?

I learn very quickly. I used to be a player that would just run around and kill things, but give up important map control. Elamite has taught me so much this year that just made me think “what the hell was I thinking before?” I’m also a pretty good sniper and I can pull off clutch plays.

What is your favorite map in the Halo series, and why?

My favorite map in the Halo series is definitely Damnation. I might suck at Halo 1, but there are just so many snipers it’s like Neighbor heaven. For Halo 2, my favorite map is Sanctuary because it’s a pretty even map, and yes, because of the two snipers.


Paper or Plastic?


Deal or No Deal?

No deal.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars.

Squirtle or Bulbasaur?


Half Empty or Half full?

Half Empty.

Midship or Lockout?


Boxers or Briefs?


Ogre 1 or Ogre 2?

Ogre 3.

Speed or Power?


Mario or Sonic?


NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?

Backstreet Boys.

Facebook or Myspace?


Manual or Automatic?


Fill in the Blank

___ has the best BR on the Pro Circuit.


I wish I were more ____.

Older looking.

_____ makes me nervous.


As a child, my favorite toy was _____.

Winston, my stuffed dog.

Tsquared is _____

A blast.

I wish I could ____ better.

Woo girls.

____ is the best teammate I’ve ever had.


I’ve always wanted to ____


Besides pro-gaming, my favorite sport is _____


Other than, the website I visit the most is ____