Player Name: Mackeo
Real Name: Joseph Reinhart
Birth Date: November 28, 1989
Hometown: Troy, Michigan
Current Team: Free Agent
First Event Attended: Meadowlands 2006 – 10th Place
Number of Events Attended: 20
Best Placing: 2nd – San Diego 2008 – Instinct
Favorite Gametype: Guardian Oddball)
Controller Settings: 3 Sensitivity, Bumper Jumper, Vibration On
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Halo: CE, Halo 2, Gears of War, Mario Party (N64)
Hobbies: Running, Working-out, Watching movies


MLG: As most people know by this point, you were recently replaced on Final Boss by Strongside. Talk us through how everything went down.

Mackeo: Final Boss formed when Victory X and I were a team of two looking for two during the off-season, and so were Ogre 2 and FearItSelf. I would say that we had a rocky start with not too much practice and we weren’t on the same page. However, it did feel to me that we were really starting to come together and enjoy each other’s company, along with playing pretty well in game. After Columbus, I was positive that by the time Dallas had come we’d be in the Top 2, if not 1st. However, I was caught by surprise and kicked off without too much explanation.

MLG: So it came as a surprise? What type of explanation were you given?

Mackeo: Yeah it was definitely a surprise to me. There really wasn’t much of an explanation given. It was more like: “We think we’d be better with Strongside.”

MLG: Are there any hard feelings?

Mackeo: I don’t have any real hard feelings toward Final Boss. I do wish that we could have given it to Dallas because I think we would have performed much better there. I also wish that Victory X would have talked to me more about it. I was delivered the news from FearItSelf. Fear and Ogre 2 seemed pretty sympathetic towards me. I really have not talked to Victory since Columbus – mainly due to him not caring, I guess.

MLG: How do you feel about Victory X at this point?

Mackeo: At this point, I don’t really know how I feel about my relationship with Victory. I have always regarded our relationship with the highest value and in the past I think he did too. I do feel that he really could take it or leave it with almost all of his friendships, and does not invest as much as he could into them – while sort of keeping a guard up. I am not mad at Victory for what has happened. However, he is sort of dead to me with the way he handled the situation by basically not responding to me at all. Unless he were to somehow show that we were actually friends, I basically see that last four years as meaningless.

MLG: You’ve had a string of bad luck with teams almost since Halo 3’s debut. Did you feel as though you had finally found a home on Final Boss?

Mackeo: I want to say that the string of bad luck may of been partially brought on by me possibly not caring about Halo as much as I did back in Halo 2. I do think that if Dallas were to have happened with me still on Final Boss – all four members of Final Boss would be very happy with the outcome, and I think that it would have perhaps been my home. I would say though, that up until the point I was kicked off, it never felt 100% right.

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MLG: Regardless of placing, Final Boss was very close to going all the way in both Meadowlands and Columbus. How frustrating is it to know you won’t get the opportunity to show everyone what you were capable of?

Mackeo: Very frustrating because I do feel that we had what it took to become a Top 2 team consistently. I’d like to change topics though because Final Boss is in the past for me.

MLG: Sure thing. What are your plans for Dallas? Have you found a team, or at least began running games with anyone?

Mackeo: My plans for Dallas are to find a team that’s excited about teaming with me. Basically, I see Dallas as my proving tournament. After getting kicked off of a top team, a lot of top pros have about one tournament to prove themselves as still being a top pro. I do feel that for Dallas I may have to take a step down as far as teammates go, but I am 100% confident that if you’re watching me at any point during the tournament, I will be dominating.

MLG: So is there anything in the works at all?

Mackeo: I’ve got a couple of ideas – such as teaming with Ambush. Or maybe going with a fully sponsored team of good players, and hopefully placing fairly well while playing great individually. So if a top team needs one after Dallas, I’ll be their likely option.

MLG: If you could resurrect any team that you’ve ever been a part of to head into Dallas with, which would it be?

Mackeo: I think I’d have to go with The Agency’s first Halo 2 event roster, which consisted of myself, Victory, SK and Elamite. My reasoning is that everyone on that team is still a great player in Halo 2 or 3, we were all great friends, and our chemistry inside and outside of the game was the best of any team I have ever been on.

MLG: Do you feel as though you’ve improved your game since 2008?

Mackeo: I want to say not really. I want to say that I have been at my best late into Halo 2. Then again, early on in Halo 3 I feel I was pretty dominant. Since then I’ve been playing extremely average for myself and I’m almost embarrassed. I do think that if you wait until Dallas and keep a close eye on my screen, you will see why I was and have been a top pro throughout Halo. I really think I found what may have been hindering me.

MLG: Care to tell us what that thing is?

Mackeo: Sorry folks, I think you’re just going to have to wait and see come Dallas!

MLG: What are you up to right now, outside of Halo?

Mackeo: I’m taking summer classes at Oakland University, and running and working out everyday.

MLG: You listed watching movies as one of your hobbies. Give us your top three favorite movies.

Mackeo: My three favorite movies are probably The Girl Next Door, The Wedding Singer, and Meet the Parents.

MLG: Some good choices there. Looks like you’re a fan of comedy. Which team would you say has benefited the most during the most recent team changes, and will any of them be able to catch Str8 or Triggers Down?

Mackeo: I think that Instinct has benefited the most during the most recent team changes; Ghost is a really good and versatile player. However, I don’t think he will propel them into the Top 2.

MLG: As someone who has played each game in the Halo series, which of the following do you personally consider the most satisfying: a three-shot-kill in Halo 1, a BxR in Halo 2, or a four-shot-kill in Halo 3?

Mackeo: I think I’m going to have to go with a double shot in Halo 2.

MLG: If you could invite any three players over for a 2v2 LAN, who would they be, and what game would you be playing?

Mackeo: I think I’d choose Victory X, The Great Moo, and SK for some 2v2 Mario Party for the N64

MLG: Everybody loves a good Mario Party. As I’m sure you know, Bungie recently announced a Midship remake for Halo 3. Are you excited?

Mackeo: Yeah, Midship in Halo 3 should be amazing. It was amazing for Halo 2.

MLG: Alright Mackeo, thanks for the time, good luck on the team search, and we’ll see you in Dallas.