Player Name: Lunchbox
Real Name: Jason Brown
Birth Date: July 6th, 1990
Hometown: Urbana, Illinois
Current Team: Instinct
First Event Attended: Charlotte 2007 (4th – 5k – Hokum, FearItSelf, Lunchbox, Roy)
Number of Events Attended: 14
Best Placing: 2nd (2008 National Championships)
Favorite Gametype: The Pit CTF
Controller Settings: Bumper Jumper, 3 Sensitivity, No Vibration
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Super Smash Bros, Call of Duty, Wii Tennis/Bowling
Hobbies: Bowling, Chilling with friends, Traveling


MLG: Give us the scoop on Ghostayame, and what has he brought to the team?

Lunchbox: I think the thing about Ghost that caught our eye the most was that he’s so versatile. Any position we need him in, he’s there and comfortable doing it. He knows the game inside and out, so he has taught the team a lot already. At this point, we’re just all playing as much as we can to get 100% comfortable with each other. Roy and I are flying to his house this Thursday so that we can play next to him and learn as much as we can about each others’ playstyles. We also have a LAN setup with Final Boss before the tournament.

MLG: So it’s safe to say that you’ve seen an improvement in the team since he joined?

Lunchbox: I think anytime a team makes a change, there’s a newfound dedication to get better and learn from your past mistakes. I think we’ve definitely seen an improvement in Team Slayers online, which is a very good thing since we’ve struggled at TS in the past. Eric also has really good communication, which helps a lot in game.

MLG: Since most people never get the opportunity, describe what Ghost is like outside of Halo.

Lunchbox: He’s a super chill and laidback guy. Nothing seems to get him upset or bent out of shape while were practicing online, which is a really nice attribute.

MLG: Have you had any encounters with Ghost’s Mom yet?

Lunchbox: I have not had any encounters with her yet unfortunately. I know she reads the forums and what not, which is really awesome that she’s so involved. I’ve also heard that she makes delicious brownies! Hopefully I get a chance to try them. (laughs)

MLG: Let’s take a brief look back at Columbus. In your opinion, what went wrong?

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Lunchbox: Well, losing to Str8 was pretty disheartening. We lost an incredibly close series, so we had our work cut out for us the next day. Then we kind of looked ahead and it cost us big. Classic came out strong and we just weren’t expecting it I guess. Props to them, they played a great tournament.

MLG: Since you mentioned Team Slayer earlier, it’s been pointed out that Instinct has only won 2 out of 12 TS games in 2009. It’s almost as if it’s your kryptonite. Have you taken steps to improve upon this?

Lunchbox: We’re definitely working on them. It’s obviously a huge disadvantage going into a series losing both slayer games. That means we have to win all the objective games, which is tough to do against a top team. We’ve gone over a lot of film and have seen some improvement.

MLG: Columbus was the first time we saw you sitting next to your brother during matches in quite a while. What’s the story behind this?

Lunchbox: We’ve done it a couple of times in the past, but we have avoided doing it for the most part. The main reason was bickering. We both are extremely competitive, so anytime one of us makes a mistake, the other lets him hear about it. This was more of a problem when we first started on the circuit because we were pretty young, but we’ve gotten older and don’t do it nearly as much.

MLG: Who was your biggest influence in the early days of your career?

Lunchbox: The Pro Circuit TV show on USA really made me want to get involved. I saw the Ogres, Walshy, and everyone else playing a video game and competing on national television. It was my dream to be able to play against them and compete to be the best. And it so happens that the next season when the TV show aired on G4, my team was on quite a few of the episodes; pretty surreal for me.

MLG: So speaking of Walshy, are there any hard feelings between you two?

Lunchbox: Not at all. We still play all the time and scrim each other and what not. He’s an incredibly understanding guy and one of the most genuine you will ever meet. I beat up on him in Peggle quite often as well. (laughs)

MLG: In our last Timeout with Walshy, he claimed to be the best bowler on the MLG Pro Circuit; but he gave you and Roy credit for coming in at a close 2nd. Can you confirm his claims of overwhelming dominance?

Lunchbox: (laughs) I remember reading this. I don’t know if I can agree with this claim. My dad, two brothers, and I are in 1st place in our bowling league and need a couple points tonight to clinch the league. It is also a true statement that I once beat Dave with a plastic bowling ball, while he was using his own personal ball. (laughs) But aside from trash talking, Walshy is a very good bowler.

MLG: MLG Dallas is right around the corner. Will you be doing anything special for the Instinct fans in Dallas?

Lunchbox: As we’ve done at the last two events, we will be teaming up with Old Spice for an hour-long autograph signing for all the fans on Saturday at 5 p.m. I’m sure Old Spice will be handing out some goodies as well, so hopefully we have another nice turnout and get a chance to talk to some of the fans.

MLG: Before we go, tell everyone how the name “Lunchbox” came about.

Lunchbox: (laughs) This is a frequently asked question. My brothers were the ones that actually came up with it. I used to be chubby, so they would call me “lunchbox” to make fun of me. It’s from the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

MLG: Anything you want to say to the Instinct fans out there before we leave?

Lunchbox: Thanks for all of the support! It’s really nice having the crowd on our side, so hopefully the team change didn’t [anger] too many people. Can’t wait to see everyone in Dallas!