Player Name: Lunchbox
Real Name:Jason Brown
Birth Date: July 6th, 1990
Hometown: Urbana, Illinois
Current Team:Instinct
First Event Attended: Charlottle 2007 (4th – 5k – Hokum, FearItSelf, Lunchbox, Roy)
Number of Events Attended: 10
Best Placing:2nd (San Diego 2008 and Toronto 2008)
Favorite Gametype: Pit CTF
Controller Settings: Bumper Jumper, 3 Sensitivity, No Vibration
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Shadowrun and Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Hobbies: Tennis and Bowling

MLG: How does your second place finish at Toronto compare to your second place finish at San Diego?

Lunchbox: Our second place finish in Toronto was definitely more fulfilling for me and my brother. In San Diego we got second place, but we didn’t make a big team change; we just added Snipedown. After seeing where he is now, we clearly weren’t taking as big of a risk as when we added Walshy and Soviet. We kind of left a Top 3 team with Mackeo and Victory after Orlando to team with Walshy and Soviet. We were really hoping for a good finish so that we could set ourselves for the Championships, and we achieved that.

MLG: It seems like for most of your Championship Match against Str8 you guys had the crowd on your side. Any speculation why, and how did that feel?

Lunchbox: Walshy brought a big following when he joined our team. He has a lot of long standing fans. He has been in the league for a long time, so he’s built up a pretty big following. It was definitely nice to have the crowd on our side for once, since we normally don’t. We’ve never been the favorites, and it definitely played a bit of a factor in pumping us up.

MLG: What did Walshy bring to your team when you picked him up? Was there a level on intimidation teaming with such a prolific Halo legend?

Lunchbox: He brought a lot of experience. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He never gets down on his team if they’re playing bad and he’s immediately the first one to try and pump them up, not down grade anyone, and I liked that a lot. With Mackeo, he was kind of the first one to put you down if you were playing bad, taking the wrong route to make you step up. It felt really comfortable switching to play with Walshy. It was kind of an honor to play with him, because before I started playing on the circuit, I looked up to players like him. It was kind of fun to be able to team with him.

MLG: How does Soviet compare to Victory and Snipedown?

Lunchbox: I think Soviet is really in the league of Snipedown, I wouldn’t really compare him to Victory. I don’t think Victory really plays the same playstyle. Victory really wasn’t a slayer or anything like that. He did a lot of the dirty work, a lot of the flanking. Soviet has the ability to do something every game that’s really clutch, to make a game changing play. It’s a really good feeling to have a player like that and I think he’s one of the top players. He proved that in Toronto.

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MLG: Who are you looking forward to playing most at Dallas?

Lunchbox: I think I’m looking forward to playing Str8 at Dallas. They got the better of us at Toronto. We definitely overlooked them in the Winners Bracket Finals, and we hurt ourselves there when we got 3-1′ed. We had a big deficit to come back from. We’ll be on an even playing field at Dallas and we’ll be gunning for them. It’ll be a fun match up for us.

MLG: Where did your name originate from?

Lunchbox: I used to be fat and my brother would call me Lunchbox to make fun of me in reference to the Jay and Silent Bob movie. It’s not because I packed my lunch in a pail.

MLG: What are the differences between what you do in game and what Roy does?

Lunchbox: We both have the same goal: get the “W” no matter what. He more or less just slays and out skills everyone, while I try to flank more, get behind the other team, set things up objective wise for my team. I do a good job of that and he does a good job of what he does and it works out well.

MLG: Just to set the record straight, which one of you is better?

Lunchbox: Definitely have to say I’m the better twin, but I gotta save myself, you know? He did have the Roy chant going at Toronto, but I got some fan boys I’m brining out to Dallas to get those Lunchbox chants going.

MLG: You and Roy have out placed the Ogres every event since Meadowlands. How does it feel to be the premiere duo on the circuit?

Lunchbox: It’s definitely a good feeling. Last year we never got the better of FB, they always beat us come Tournament time. This season me and Roy have both stepped up our game. We proved that we can play to the top and the only thing left for us to do is finally win a Tournament so that’s our main goal for the rest of the season.

MLG: Are there any other notable duos worth mentioning?

Lunchbox:I think Mackeo and Victory are obviously a good duo. They placed well throughout last season, as well as this season when they teamed with me and Roy. On their own they both placed pretty well too. Legit, TSquared and Elamite are definitely a good combo too.

Instinct took second at MLG Toronto

MLG: Why don’t you and Roy sit together at events?

Lunchbox: Back in ‘07 we tried practicing next to each other at home, but we bicker a lot when we sit next to each other. When we watch each others screen, we expect it to be perfect. We want each other to make the right play every time. I think it’s best that we sit a little bit apart so that there isn’t any bickering between us, especially during tournament time. It would just bring the team down.

MLG: Do you guys play in the same room at home, or separately?

Lunchbox:We used to play in opposite rooms. We’ve never really played in the same room when we practice on Xbox live. Now Roy usually plays at his girlfriend’s house, so we don’t even play in the same house anymore.

MLG: Which team that you defeated provided the most satisfying victory?

Lunchbox:Definitely Final Boss. That was one for Dave (Walshy) also. Dave really wanted to play them and beat them, and getting second place without beating Final Boss wouldn’t have been the same. Had Classic beat them, or if we wouldn’t have been able to play them for whatever reason, it wouldn’t have been as gratifying as it was. They dropped Dave and really handled it really poorly, so coming back to beat them was nice.

MLG: What has been your biggest accomplishment in your Halo career?

Lunchbox: This season, just placing Top 3 every event. Roy and I are the only players to do that. Being consistent is my biggest accomplishment. This season has gone really well, and I hope to continue that. Mackeo had the same streak going, but after his disaster with TDm he dropped out of our league.

MLG: Any comments about your brothers mustache?

Lunchbox: My brother’s mustache was just unspeakable. We made him shave it and hopefully it won’t be back in Dallas. It was a good luck charm shaving on Friday night. The ‘stache will not return.