By Stalking Elmo

Player Name: Lethul
Real Name: Tony Campbell
Age: 17
Home State: Michigan
Current Team: Impact
First Event Attended: MLG Columbus 2010 (on Fire Breathin Franks)
Number of Events Attended: 2
Best Finish: 2nd Place (on Impact) at MLG Dallas 2011
Favorite Gametype: Sanctuary TS
Controller Settings: Bumper Jumper (with claw), 4 sensitivity, no vibration
Other Favorite Competitive Games: StarCraft 2, Call of Duty
Hobbies: Gaming and doing anything at all with friends.

With MLG Columbus right around the corner, our Halo: Reach teams are buckling down in preparation for what is sure to be the most exciting Reach Event yet. We sat down with Lethul to get his thoughts coming off his 2nd Place finish with Impact, and to find out what his team is planning for Columbus.

MLG: First of all, congratulations on getting 2nd Place at the first Pro Circuit Reach Event. What are your thoughts on Dallas?

Lethul: Thanks! Dallas was a great Event, great venue, everything. It was cool to come out right away on Friday by beating Final Boss; it was such a good way to start the weekend. It was also really cool proving to everyone that Amish, Adrenaline, and I weren't just "Combine kids."

MLG: What was the most memorable moment for you from Dallas?

Lethul: My most memorable moment was probably the Extermination I got on Status Quo, followed by a no scope Double Kill to end Game 1 in the Winners Bracket Finals.

MLG: Speaking of SQ, what do you think kept your team from getting past them in the Finals?

Lethul: I'm not sure what it is about them, but at all the LANs we have been to with them, we can never pull out a series win against them. I think there’s just something about their playstyle that counters our playstyle really well. But I see that changing with APG.

MLG: A few weeks ago, Neighbor parted ways with you and joined Believe the Hype. What's the story with that?

Lethul: Well, after Dallas we took a little break, which is pretty normal right after a tournament. Adrenaline and I had been playing a lot of StarCraft 2, and when it came time to crack down on the practice we didn't really do it. We would not take anything seriously and Neighbor had a huge problem with that. That's all I know because he didn't personally call me to say he was leaving—I found out from a friend who called me after school.

MLG: How did the addition of APG come about, and how's it working out with him so far?

Lethul: APG had just been dropped [from BTH] for Neighbor, so he was obviously a Free Agent, and he was definitely our top choice. It just so happened that his playstyle was going to work perfectly with us. Since we started teaming, we have won all but one series online [as of May 11], and we are attending a four-team LAN at The Lan Network on May 19.

MLG: How is the team's chemistry with him, as compared to how it was with Neighbor?

Lethul: It's been different in and out of the game. APG is younger than Neighbor and closer in age to Amish and me, so we seem to get along with him easier. And in-game we don't have to worry as much about being too passive since APG is one of the most aggressive players in the game and is always in the others team's base.

MLG: Impact have a reputation for performing much better on LAN than on Live. Why is that? Connection issues? Bringing your A game more when it counts? Has APG's golden modem helped with the team’s online performance?

Lethul: Well, Neighbor has a horrible connection, and the majority of teams being on the east coast doesn't help that. So in almost every scrimmage, he would be at a large disadvantage. Also I think that all of us, especially Amish and me, don't take Xbox Live as seriously as we should, but that has been changing as of late. But I'm not throwing APG's golden modem out of the equation.

MLG: I saw that you guys scrimmaged Instinct last night [as of May 11th] and won 2-1, including Steaktacular on Countdown. Not many teams can say they've done that. Was that your first time scrimming them with your new lineup?

Lethul: That was our first time playing them since our first two days of teaming and that scrimmage ended with them winning 5-2. Someone has already uploaded the video of the Steaktacular from my point of view, and it has only been one night.

MLG: Have you scrimmaged SQ yet? Has your team sat down to work out any strategies to counter them, since they had your number in Dallas?

Lethul: Unfortunately, no. I know that Ace has been really busy with school exams lately so he hasn't been on much, but we plan to play them very soon. As for sitting down and working on countering them, we have nothing yet, but come Columbus we might have something up our sleeves [winks].

MLG: Do you think SQ are still your biggest obstacle, or have some of the new post-Dallas lineups become a serious threat as well?

Lethul: As of right now, SQ are our biggest obstacle, but there are definitely many other teams to look at as serious threats. Obviously Instinct are going to be good. I also expect BTH, Warriors, and Dynasty to be great.

MLG: Is there anyone in your team's pool (Final Boss, Swagger Like Us, and Severance) who you think will be a serious challenge?

Lethul: I'm not overlooking anyone. I think Final Boss will be good, and Swagger Like Us aren't going to be a pushover, either. I haven't seen/heard anything about Severance, but we won't be overlooking them.

MLG: Impact's lineup for Columbus is APG, Adrenaline, Amish Acorns, and you. As the only member whose gamertag doesn't start with an A, do you feel like the redheaded stepchild of the team? Or would that just have to go to Amish Acorns?

Lethul: Amish has that position on lock, but don't forget our coach, Cheeky, who joins him in the redhead category! I am actually pretty skeptical about the whole thing—if rosters weren't locked I would be afraid. Don't be surprised if they try and pick up someone like Ace or Assault to create the A-Team.

MLG: I like it. Speaking of gamertags, how did you come up with yours?

Lethul: Back in 2009 I was still some kid playing Team Slayer under the gamertag XII FAZED IIX and one day I just wanted a change. I was trying to think of something to sound cool and I was looking in the dictionary for words and came across Lethal. Eventually I replaced the A with a U because I thought it looked cooler.

MLG: What first got you into Halo? Did you start in Halo 3?

Lethul: I only played Halo 2 split screen back before Halo 3 came out. I got an Xbox in October of 2007 and got Halo and Gears of War, but I didn't play Halo until early 2008. I just really liked the game and played it for fun until I came across MLG in mid 2008. The thought of playing Halo professionally planted itself in my head and I have been gaming nonstop since then.

MLG: How did you get into MLG, then? When did you first realize that, "Hey, this could become a reality, I could make it to the top with this?"

Lethul: I heard about them from the videos on the Xbox Live Marketplace that recap MLG Events. I didn't ever think that I wasn't eventually going to go pro, but I knew it might take some time.

MLG: You mentioned that you're into StarCraft 2. Any rivalries with other SC2-playing Halo pros?

Lethul: No rivalries with any other pros, really. The only people that I'm out to get in that game are Adrenaline, Cheeky, and Detach. Adrenaline thinks he's too good for me, Cheeky hasn't done anything but I just want to beat him, and Detach would always yell at me back when I was a noob.

MLG: Have you thought about competing in that game? You could be like Ogre 2 and Walshy when they won MLG Chicago 2007 in both Halo 2 and Shadowrun.

Lethul: No, I have no thoughts of competing. Although… if I somehow become incapable of playing Halo, you know where to find me at Events [winks].

MLG: What do Impact think about the new v4 settings? Did you guys play much Halo 2, or is Warlock new for you guys? Did you shed a tear when Element CTF and Nexus TS were removed?

Lethul: I played Halo 2 about five times ever, and Amish was like eight years old when that game was out, so we are a little out of practice on that map. I was not a fan of either of those Game Types, so I didn't care when I found out they were removed. From the few games I have played on Warlock, I already enjoy it more than Element and Nexus.

MLG: What are Impact's strongest Game Types?

Lethul: Basically anything on Sanctuary. I'm pretty sure we have only lost one game on Sanctuary so far, and that was to Instinct on Sanctuary Bomb.

MLG: What's your favorite power weapon to use?

Lethul: The sniper! I just love the look of the Spartans when they get sniped with a headshot. Rockets are powerful, but they aren't as fun to use.

MLG: Alright, Lethul, this wraps up our Timeout. Thanks for your time and best of luck in Columbus! Any final remarks or shoutouts?

Lethul: Thanks, and shoutouts to all of Status Quo, my teammates, my parents and friends, and our sponsor Leigh from The Hangout!


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