Player Name: Legend
Real Name: Sean Hinsinger
Birth Date: November 26, 1985
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Current Team: Classic
First Event Attended: Chicago ’04 – Team Squared – 3rd/4th
Number of Events Attended: 14
Best Placing: 2nd – Meadowlands 2008 – Classic
Favorite Gametype: Onslaught CTF
Controller Settings: 4 Sensitivity, Bumper Jumper, No Vibration
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Tekken Tag, Halo CE, Halo 2
Hobbies: Basketball, Riding motorcycles, The beach


MLG: Classic finished 4th in Columbus, which was a huge improvement compared to Meadowlands where you finished 13th. How did it feel to return to the Top 4?

Legend: Well it certainly felt great to get Top 4 in Columbus, but we felt we could have made it even further with how great we were playing. However, all good things come to an end and we were fortunate enough not to have to play in a consolation game due to the process of elimination. Hopefully we can establish a consistent team here with the new Classic!

MLG: What do you think caused such a drastic improvement?

Legend: Well, with the addition of Chig and Best Man to our team we can execute a stronger offense. We are able to push and play aggressive like we wanted to and everyone on the team has great communication and teamwork. We worked extremely well together has a unit.

MLG: What has Chig brought to the team?

Legend: Well we have all seen Chig’s sniping before – he’s just a true gamer; but he still yields the throne to me in Octagon! (laughs)

MLG: Now as for Best Man?

Legend: Best Man has a consistent shot and from teaming with him in the past, I have developed good teamwork with him. He just fits in very well with us.

MLG: How did it feel to take down a team such as Instinct?

Legend: Well we knew we could beat them; it was just a matter of who was playing their best in the series. I was definitely satisfied with our performance against them in our series. They are a tough team and I am sure they won’t be content with 5th place after just getting 2nd.

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MLG: Did you know the team was this strong prior to the event?

Legend: After getting beat 11-0 on the first day of the Status Quo LAN by Str8 Rippin, I had no idea we would end up being so strong. Slowly but surely our teamwork and communication got better and better though. Our individual skills also got better. Once your shot is on fire, everything else seems to flow well game by game. By the last day, we were much more confident in our skills and believed that we could at least get back into the Top 6 in Columbus.

MLG: Do you remember any other scores from the LAN?

Legend: We won 9-2 over Status Quo. We beat Str8 later on 5-4. We lost to BTH 6-5, and lost another to Str8 10-1.

MLG: So could you tell that Str8 was going to be hard to contend with just based off of their LAN performance?

Legend: They were consistent. I felt that they were going to do well.

MLG: Status Quo’s LANs have built up reputation for being fun both on and off the sticks. What types of things did you guys do aside from gaming that weekend?

Legend: We actually played a ton of basketball and I am Strongside’s kryptonite on the court! Not to mention I am undefeated in 1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3 and 4 v 4. I actually had a pretty bad fall where I messed up my hand and banged my knee up pretty bad. So I did what any player who just got sniped in the head would do – continue gaming. (laughs) I thought it was tons of fun because right after a long and tiring game there was a pool to just fall in seconds away.

MLG: So you’re saying Strongside has a weakness? Preposterous! Let’s get back on track here though. Classic was eventually knocked out by Final Boss in LBR9 by a 3-1 final score. What do you think went wrong?

Legend: Well all good things have to come to an end at some point in Columbus – unless you were Str8 Rippin. Our fire started to burn out, and Final Boss was playing their A-game as well. With a mixture of exhaustion from the two days of prior competition, they just got the best of us.

MLG: What would you say is this new Classic roster’s biggest strength right now?

Legend: Well we can only get better in my opinion, considering that was our first event together. Our biggest strength right now is our ability to evolve as a team. 4th place is definitely worth keeping this team together for future events.

MLG: What made you decide to split from Ant and Fear after Meadowlands? Was that old spark just simply gone?

Legend: Yea. Our Meadowlands 2008 team was the best that we would ever end up being together. With a mixture of different interests and personal conflicts, the team was no longer able to compete on a very high level.

MLG: Through all of the various Classic rosters we’ve seen, Ant and Soldier have always stuck together. Was it hard to get them to part ways?

Legend: Well I had no idea that they had even parted ways. It seemed to have happened overnight. It was a bit of a shock to me once I heard the news.

MLG: Are you still a married man?

Legend: Yep. 5 years! (laughs)

MLG: Is your wife supportive of your career as a professional gamer?

Legend: She never used to like me gaming, especially if it were for long periods of time. But once it started to pay me back through competing and doing lessons, it wasn’t so bad anymore. She still gets to go to the beach and shopping so everything works out well.

MLG: Looking ahead, what can we expect from Classic in Dallas?

Legend: Well you never know how good you are going to do until that Friday, Saturday and Sunday comes along – But we look to place just as well if not better than we did in Columbus.